Synonyms for Cubit:


cm, length, bore, in, ft, centimetre. measure (noun)
ell, foot, minute, fathom, mile, micron, mil, knot, league, furlong, second, step, centimeter, inch, criterion, meter, yard, rod, angstrom, decimeter, measure, decameter, millimeter, hectometer, kilometer, block.

Other synonyms:

cm, centimetre. ft. length. in. Other relevant words:
cm, length, bore, in, ft, centimetre.

Usage examples for cubit

  1. Apart even from the parable of the lily, the failures of the past have taught most of us the folly of disquieting ourselves in vain, and we have given up the idea that by taking thought we can add a cubit to our stature. – Natural Law in the Spiritual World by Henry Drummond