Synonyms for Gauge:


concrete mixer, grindstone, backhoe, gas turbine, flame thrower, air pump, jackhammer, forge, cement mixer. read between the lines, underestimate, put two and two together, Mete, big, overestimate. buffer, cutting, valuate, branch line, feeder, the Channel Tunnel, artery, assay, connection, extension, size up, baggage room. chamber, test, barrel, bayonet, butt, mark, usual, benchmark, hammer, criterion, clip, touchstone, standard. rating, baseline, par, quality assurance. length, spread, width, depth, girth, thickness, breadth. measure out, register, pace out, sound, clock, fit out. artifact (noun)
calculation (noun)
deduction, appraisal, estimation, approximation, presumption, calculus, method, evaluation, enumeration, assessment, calculation, reckoning, judgement, quantification, computation, system, measurement, thought, conclusion, determination, statistics, mathematics, algorithm, inference, triangulation, arithmetic, consideration, division, supposition, algebra, valuation, multiplication.
caliber (noun)
length, measurement.
computation (noun)
estimation, reckoning, calculation.
measure (noun)
measuring stick (noun)
reference point (noun)


appraise (verb)
assay, valuate.
assess (verb)
class (verb)
rank, score.
compute (verb)

Other synonyms:

gas turbine, backhoe, benchmark, quality assurance, measure out, air pump, grindstone, underestimate, valuate, flame thrower, jackhammer, pace out, concrete mixer, cement mixer, rating. forge, par, touchstone, thickness, bayonet, breadth. width, baseline, girth, Mete. length. clock, sound, test, standard, barrel, chamber. clip, hammer. depth. register. mark. spread. calculate
enumerate, multiply.
calipers, quantify.

Usage examples for gauge

  1. How far do you think fifty- four dollars a week will go with 12- gauge shells three and a quarter a box?" – Stopover Planet by Robert E. Gilbert
  2. He checked the gauge with his watch- ninety minutes of oxygen to zero. – Shipwreck in the Sky by Eando Binder
  3. There is a tiny narrow gauge road, possibly not over eighteen inches broad, upon which are eight- seated, little open cars. – Abroad with the Jimmies by Lilian Bell