Synonyms for Sift:


chill, butcher, scrutinize, butchery, bake, investigate, blanch, beat, bone, blend, butter, carve. clean, purify, look up, dig, size, look into, follow up, scout, check up on, delve, bolt, research, gather. hunt down, seek out, look out for, search out, include, go through, scavenge, pick through. sift (noun)
strain, sieve.


analyze (verb)
anatomize, assay, analyze, study, examine, winnow, dissect.
contact (verb)
strain, sieve.
order (verb)
cast, plot, rank, settle, sort, array, compose, form, screen, scheme, devise, design, shape, orchestrate, control, categorize, rate, integrate, support, set, unify, normalize, establish, place, mediate, pigeonhole, grade, plan, prepare, rationalize, fix, type, order, program, schematize, systematize, stratify, regulate, stabilize, harmonize, adjust, structure, right, group, separate, marshal, chart, schedule, arrange, collate, maintain, Methodize, classify, balance, subordinate, unsnarl, class, score, organize, frame.
search (verb)
scour, probe, seek, pry, comb, search, look for, forage, peer, peek, rifle, rummage.
take out residue; remove impurities (verb)
probe, look into, analyze, separate, scrutinize, grade, investigate, size, go through, purify, winnow, comb, clean, examine, search, screen, strain, sieve, sort.

Other synonyms:

look into
follow up, look into.
search, look for.
Other relevant words:
bolt, scout, delve, blend, go through, strain, butchery, purify, check up on, butter, look into, chill, butcher, gather, include, research, blanch, beat, size, dig, scrutinize, investigate, sieve, clean, carve, bone, scavenge, bake.

Usage examples for sift

  1. It took me two days to sift these down to one, and when I had succeeded in doing this, it was only to find that the man I sought was ninety miles away. – The Mayor's Wife by Anna Katherine Green