Synonyms for League:


police, flash mobbing, Support Group, flash mob, commission. organization, all-American, backfield, politics, Anschluss, ballplayer, center, back, boy, connect, blue, center forward, cartel. guild, join in, association, sorority, order, share, knit, collaborate, partner, unite, mobilize, cooperate, pull together, get in with. checklist, hot list, formula, blacklist, hit list, bibliography, loop, circuit, blue book, glossary, chronicle, calendar. grouping, value, class, cross-section, rank, taxonomy, sort, variety, tier, bracket, grade. light year, K, M, astronomical unit, km, mi, food mile, kilometre. academy (noun)
council, fraternity, association, federation.
affiliation (noun)
clan, crowd.
association (noun)
fellowship, class, tribe, troupe, clique, congress, organization, study at alliance, sorority.
brotherhood (noun)
collection (noun)
council, stew, mix, bloc, partnership, assortment, salad, medley, college, omnium-gatherum, formation, corps.
confederation (noun)
confederation, alliance, federation.
council (noun)
convention, quorum, forum, panel, board, legislature, congregation, parliament, court, conference, symposium, meeting, congress, chamber, committee, tribunal, summit, inquisition, cabinet.
crew (noun)
fellowship, hive, complement, faction, caucus, fraternity, covey, brigade, squad, group, bunch, club, force, drove, company, crowd, sect, ring, fleet, cell, troupe, regiment, junta, school, wing, outfit, cadre, battalion, set, nest, society, bevy, crew, herd, troop, coterie, aggregation, division, assembly, string, detachment, colony, platoon, body, staff, detail, band, phalanx, army, assemblage, collection, party, coalition, flock, tribe, host, team, circle, clan, litter, retinue, union, gang, cabal, mob, pack, clique, posse.
group (noun)
league (noun)
circuit, company, society, guild, conference, outfit, band, confederation, alliance, rank, tier, ring, class, bunch, mob, circle, union, grade, crew, coalition, group, organization, gang, club, order, partnership, loop, grouping.
measure (noun)
foot, knot, inch, cubit, angstrom, minute, step, furlong, mile, kilometer, rod, meter, decimeter, mil, millimeter, hectometer, block, measure, fathom, decameter, criterion, ell, yard, second, centimeter, micron.
social organization (noun)


associate (verb)
bracket, mix.
band (verb)
league (verb)
cooperate, collaborate, unite.

Other synonyms:

km, food mile, unite, Anschluss, class. guild, bracket, sorority. loop, tier, cartel, mi. association, K. grade, rank, circuit, organization. order, M. Other relevant words:
knit, loop, sorority, km, chronicle, calendar, blacklist, mi, unite, commission, all-American, rank, order, boy, circuit, formula, join in, kilometre, collaborate, organization, grouping, value, sort, taxonomy, ballplayer, tier, M, backfield, variety, cooperate, police, K, center, share, politics, connect, association, glossary, bracket, grade, bibliography, checklist, class, pull together, Anschluss, partner, mobilize, cartel, back, blue, guild.

Usage examples for league

  1. I rowed up a league or two farther into the river, shooting off pieces all the way, that he might know of our being there; and the next morning we heard them answer us also with a piece. – The Discovery of Guiana by Sir Walter Raleigh
  2. With the close of the Civil War the League did not cease its active interest in things political. – The Sequel of Appomattox A Chronicle of the Reunion of the States, Volume 32 In The Chronicles Of America Series by Walter Lynwood Fleming
  3. We had still a league to go before reaching the house at which Mrs Tarleton wished to rest before crossing the river. – Hurricane Hurry by W.H.G. Kingston