Synonyms for Settle:


board, come from, arrive, inhabit, squat. end, make a difference, take effect, interact, achieve, put, come into play, get, bring out, complete, impact, affect. submerge, arrive at, immerse, submerse, commit yourself, make up your mind. look around, take in, gaze, abide, reside, stare, examine, check on, lodge, survey, look, inspect, dwell. incur, improve, live, default, compound, forgive, amortize, marry, liquidation. back, armrest, armchair, chaise, chaise lounge, arm, DO, backrest, chesterfield, chaise longue, chair. position, seat, pile, put in, set out, put down, install. balm, allay, lull, lose your balance/footing. liquidate, clear, satisfy. smooth over, agree, straighten out. negotiate. couch (noun)
settle (noun)
finalize, root, fall, ensconce, locate, resolve, determine, get back, take root, square off, finalise, settee, adjudicate, settle down, subside, conciliate, decide, steady down, make up, patch up, reconcile, descend, nail down, halt, square up.


abide (verb)
achieve (verb)
get, DO, carry through, resolve, score.
adjust (verb)
rectify, accommodate, redress.
compromise (verb)
appease, adjust, concede, accommodate, allow, bargain, mediate, reconcile, compromise, compensate.
live (verb)
motion (verb)
settle down.
order (verb)
type, pigeonhole, right, arrange, marshal, stabilize, array, subordinate, chart, cast, shape, maintain, systematize, order, rank, collate, devise, balance, unify, unsnarl, sift, plot, scheme, Methodize, regulate, support, design, categorize, compose, separate, sort, class, group, stratify, schematize, rationalize, place, classify, score, grade, structure, prepare, plan, fix, rate, screen, control, organize, program, normalize, establish, orchestrate, integrate, set, harmonize, frame, form, schedule.
pay (verb)
remit, pay, reward, discharge, disburse, dole, bankroll, Retribute, repay.
recompense (verb)
rectify, square, remunerate, reimburse, atone, remedy, return, redress, offset, recompense, refund, correct.
rest (verb)
stay, still, becalm, slumber, mark time, pause, vegetate, wait, sleep, stand, settle down, subside, calm, tranquilize, rest, quiet, stagnate.
settle (verb)
fix, place, quiet, lull, immerse, still, submerse, becalm, settle down, relax, achieve, seat, work out, pay, subside, adjust, put, allay, submerge, order, complete, set down, take root, dwell, nail down, end, plunge, abide, decline, compose, clear, establish, descend, lodge, square, verify, touch down, reconcile, locate, decide, arrange, inhabit, mediate, discharge, negotiate, alight, satisfy, live, regulate, land, sink, squat, tranquilize, determine, adjudicate, reside.

Other synonyms:

board, seat, negotiate, live, inhabit, settle up, squat, put, abide, arrive at, alight, achieve, come from, liquidate, arrive, reside. gravitate, back, satisfy. allay, agree, install. pile. put down. position. get. ascertain
check on.
get through.
give and take
put in.
iron out
smooth over.
settle down.
live in
Other relevant words:
get, locate, liquidate, determine, land, amortize, resolve, decide, ensconce, seat, satisfy, clear, make up, gravitate, straighten out.

Usage examples for settle

  1. Dad started out to look for a place to settle down and I came here while he was prospectin'. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1896 to 1901 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  2. But it did not take him a second to settle in his mind which was the man he was after. – The Spoilers of the Valley by Robert Watson
  3. Now that you are here we may as well settle matters at once. – Marjorie Dean, High School Junior by Pauline Lester