Synonyms for Acumen:


clarity, reason, common sense. discrimination, ability, Sageness, eye, perceptiveness, Percipiency, nose, wit, careful, Clear-sightedness, Percipience. ability to understand and reason (noun)
intellect, cunning, perception, comprehension, good taste, wisdom, grasp, refinement, awareness, wit, farsightedness, vision, brilliance, sensitivity, acuity, discrimination, smartness, guile, judgment, smarts, understanding, astuteness, Percipience, Brains, intelligence, perspicuity, intuition.
acumen (noun)
depth (noun)
intelligence (noun)
genius, mastery, comprehension, erudition, intellect, astuteness, cogency, sophistication, knowledge, sagaciousness, intelligence, profundity, wisdom, perspicuity, judgment.
keenness (noun)
mother wit, perception, vision, discrimination, understanding, smarts, mental acuteness, Percipience, intuition, sensitivity, Brains, cunning, brilliance, know-how, keensightedness, good taste, refinement, acuity, smartness, awareness, guile, quickness, high IQ, long-headedness, horse sense, grasp, quick sense, quickness of perception, wit, accuracy, foresightedness, farsightedness.
perceptiveness (noun)
sound judgment (noun)
common sense.
speed (noun)
tact (noun)
good taste.

Other synonyms:

perceptiveness, discrimination, Clear-sightedness, Sageness, reason, Percipiency, Percipience. perception. wit. nose, eye. understanding
Other relevant words:
guile, Sageness, foresightedness, keensightedness, awareness, quickness, Percipience, wit, intuition, smartness, astuteness, vision, brilliance, acuity, sensitivity, insightfulness, clarity, perceptiveness, ability, cunning, nose, Brains, understanding, grasp, accuracy, perception, Percipiency, know-how, common sense, smarts, careful, farsightedness, mother wit, Clear-sightedness, good taste, eye, refinement, discrimination, long-headedness, mental acuteness, reason.

Usage examples for acumen

  1. My lovely Highness is not so inhuman, She only tests her sweethearts' fine acumen And if she must submit to husband's rule, At least she'll not be governed by a fool. – Turandot: The Chinese Sphinx by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller
  2. But however much it might be abashed momentarily, the Captain's acumen would not have been without a refuge. – Captain Dieppe by Anthony Hope