Synonyms for Gift:


token, courtesy, experience, philanthropy, largesse, souvenir, charity, benefit, hand-me-down, proficiency, presentation, dole, subsidy, provision, handout, mastery, favor, keepsake, prowess, dispensation, Handsel, competence, legacy, skill, subscription, remembrance, ration, premium, subvention, remittance, relief, pittance, alms. capability, asset, edge, faculty, ability, capacity, merit, privilege, virtue, trump card, good, advantage. inspiration, miracle, marvel, thoroughbred, model, the sublime, classic, masterpiece, phenomenon, dream. settlement, beneficence, red packet, valentine, surprise, care package. bent, aptitude, flair, turn, knack, genius, head, instinct, aptness. gird. bribe (noun)
carp (noun)
criticize, censure, be ungrateful, study at talent.
gift (noun)
endow, natural endowment, endue, benefaction, indue, give, contribution, endowment, empower, invest, giving, talent, present.
offering (noun)
something given freely, for no recompense (noun)
contribution, tip, subscription, remittance, present, ration, philanthropy, handout, charity, legacy, subsidy, alms, allowance, largesse, reward, honorarium, pittance, premium, benefit, hand-me-down, benefaction, donation, tribute, bonus, courtesy, grant, souvenir, endowment, provision, offering, dispensation, gratuity, bounty, remembrance, presentation, favor, relief, award, token, bestowal.
talent, aptitude (noun)
capability, bent, faculty, flair, ability, capacity, head, instinct, turn, knack, genius, aptness.


possession (verb)
give, present.
sense (verb)

Other synonyms:

capability, proficiency, genius, prowess, red packet, competence, bent, valentine, aptness, capacity, Handsel, ability, skill, care package. courtesy, beneficence, subscription, presentation, largesse, remembrance. charity, favor, faculty. aptitude, knack. gird, settlement. surprise. head. charity
alms, dole.
flair, talent.

Usage examples for gift

  1. But, Miss Galbraith, I can't accept such a gift I- I ought not to." – Patty's Social Season by Carolyn Wells
  2. He's the right stuff, he has the gift of putting the words together, and his heart's where it should be. – The Devil's Paw by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. In fact I have my birthday gift for you right here in my pocket. – Marjorie's Vacation by Carolyn Wells