Synonyms for Distinction:


commendation, glittering prize, award, detail, consolation prize, championship, qualification, particular, Nobel Prize. asset, incentive, repute, privilege, advantage, benefit, trump card, edge. a world of difference, collision, perfection, superiority, flair, style. same. Discrepance, divergency, divarication. important, prestige, Eminency, respect, glory, knowledge, Prominency, luster. good, excellence, virtue, beauty, merit. honor, kudos, laurel, accolade. difference (noun)
deviation, counterpoint, disunity, aberration, Dissemblance, conflict, disparity, mismatch, inequality, variance, contradiction, variety, abnormality, distinctness, contrast, diversity, clash, discrepancy, variation, asymmetry.
differentiation; feature (noun)
discrimination, discretion, nicety, discrepancy, sharpness, analysis, contrast, qualification, dissimilitude, clearness, refinement, acumen, perception, unlikeness, estimation, divergence, difference, divergency, discernment, diagnosis, discreteness, separation, acuteness, Dissemblance, dissimilarity, tact, judgment, sensitivity.
discrimination (noun)
separation, demarcation, discernment, segregation, differentiation, discrimination.
dissimilarity (noun)
dissimilitude, difference, non-uniformity, dissimilarity, divergence, aberrance, heterogeneously, unlikeness, inconsistency, discordance.
distinction (noun)
eminence, note, preeminence, differentiation.
elegance (noun)
importance (noun)
nobility (noun)
nobility, grandness, stature, dignity, Kingliness, sovereignty, lordliness, stateliness, heroicalness, Princeliness, Knightliness, courtliness, Augustness, greatness, Queenliness, imperialness, Regality, aristocracy, majesty.
prominence; achievement (noun)
merit, kudos, prestige, accolade, Illustriousness, excellence, perfection, repute, reputation, style, flair, Fame, award, preeminence, greatness, renown, eminence, note, superiority, celebrity.
reputation (noun)
noteworthiness, popularity, preeminence, celebrity, Famousness, renown, reputation, Illustriousness, legend, fable, notability, Fame, esteem, elevation, acclaim, prominence, Memorability, notoriety.
respect (noun)
superiority (noun)
variation (noun)

Other synonyms:

Nobel Prize, Discrepance, glittering prize, accolade, divergency, championship, Prominency, full marks, nicety, GPA, Eminency, divarication, consolation prize. virtue, kudos, commendation. edge, D, F, collision. C, laurel, perfection, B, merit, prestige. luster, beauty. honor.

Usage examples for distinction

  1. But it was with the rifle that Isaac won his greatest distinction – Betty Zane by Zane Grey
  2. " Oh, and you are going to rob me of the distinction of showing you off. – Bolanyo by Opie Percival Read
  3. He secured nothing but distinction – Beyond by John Galsworthy