Synonyms for Possible:


acceptable (adjective)
pleasant, desirable, tolerable, welcome, expedient.
attainable (adjective)
feasible, attainable, achievable, obtainable, available, workable, realizable, practicable.
believable (adjective)
likely, attainable (adjective)
imaginable, expedient, workable, achievable, latent, conceivable, desirable, feasible, realizable, available, thinkable, obtainable, welcome, practicable, probable, potential, doable, viable.
possible (adjective)
imaginable, conceivable, feasible, potential.
probable (adjective)
likely, chancy, apt, plausible, liable, probable, prone, presumable.
promising (adjective)


entire, complete, thinkable, literally, reasonable, completely, particular, absolute, pure, especially, altogether, perfectly. perfect, suited, convenient, suitable, proper, ideal, permissible, well-chosen, fitting. decision making, have your pick of something, possibility, resolution, alternative, conclusion, choice, selection, option, decision. may, eventual, humanly possible, be able to do something, in principle. mortal, earthly. possible (noun)
getable, mathematical, assertable, realizable, fermentable, accomplishable, achievable, come-at-able, doable, workable, viable, attainable, attemptable, imaginable, affirmable, contingent, feasible, researchable, allegeable, potential, latent, gettable, conceivable, practicable.

Other synonyms:

possibility, perfect, reasonable, proper. mortal. imaginable

Usage examples for possible

  1. " It wouldn't be possible to keep them here- and I wouldn't keep them even if I could. – The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting
  2. Were not such things possible after all?... – Bertha Garlan by Arthur Schnitzler