Synonyms for Attractive:


adorable (adjective)
appealing, drawing attention (adjective)
comely, pretty, prepossessing, beautiful, Hunky, glamorous, gorgeous, fair, good-looking, lovely, magnetic, pleasing, tempting, fetching, Luring, handsome, charming, alluring, stunning, bewitching, enticing, taking, enchanting, fascinating.
attractive (adjective)
alluring, Luring, magnetic, enticing.
beautiful (adjective)
charming, splendid, dazzling, elegant, enchanting, comely, sublime, finished, stunning, polished, radiant, sightly, pretty, shapely, beautiful, exquisite, flowerlike, handsome, eye-filling, bonny, graceful, ornamental, fair, beauteous, resplendent, picturesque, glamorous, refined, pleasing, lovely, becoming, belle, pulchritudinous, superb, gorgeous, quaint, good-looking.
flattering (adjective)


convenient, ideal, suited, suitable, apt, proper, well-chosen, perfect, possible, fitting. like, nice, taking, enjoyable, tempting, restful, pleasurable, relaxing, fascinating, prepossessing, cheerful, bewitching, fetching. beauteous, ravishing, pulchritudinous. flattering. attractive (noun)
lovely, fetching, pretty, picturesque, handsome, bonny, tempting, fair, elegant, desirable, charming, enticing, stunning, glamorous, beautiful, pleasing, good-looking, prepossessing, fascinating, magnetic, gorgeous, comely.
sexually attractive (noun)
hot, voluptuous, desirable, Slinky, sultry, Hunky, smoky.

Other synonyms:

ravishing, enjoyable, pulchritudinous, pleasurable, restful, relaxing. nice, flattering. appetizing
sexually attractive
hot, Slinky, desirable, voluptuous, sultry.
Other relevant words:
desirable, apt, relaxing, fitting, restful, flattering, beauteous, possible, fascinating, ideal, prepossessing, nice, convenient, perfect, tempting, like, suited, suitable, pleasurable, smoky, Hunky, hot, sultry, proper, ravishing, well-chosen, bewitching, Slinky, taking, pulchritudinous, enjoyable, voluptuous, fetching, cheerful.

Usage examples for attractive

  1. Doctor Jim's laughter was one of Donaldsville's attractive features. – Our Nervous Friends Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness by Robert S. Carroll
  2. Most women, however, found him attractive chiefly from his frank address and open look; for, though yet far from a true man, he was of a true nature. – Home Again by George MacDonald
  3. What was even more attractive on such a day, she looked warm. – The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson