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unworkable - 40 results
Other synonyms:

unthinkable, unfeasible, impossible, disadvantageous, impracticable, faltering, inoperable, shaky, nonpractical, not have a hope in hell, uncompetitive, unpromising, possible, hopeless, unrealizable, on the rocks, infeasible, unnegotiable, used, precarious.

Examples of usage:

Together, we build the foundation for a strong economy, with lower inflation, without contriving either a recession with its high unemployment or unworkable, mandatory government controls. - "State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter", Jimmy Carter.

This system was naturally unworkable; it was also clear that the arrangement of 1881 was not to be considered as final. - "A Century of Wrong", F. W. Reitz.

When cloth has once been glued it must not be allowed to lie long as it rolls up and sticks together, which renders it practically unworkable. - "Practical Bookbinding", Paul Adam.

Similar words:

unworkably, unwearable, unworkmanlike, unwomanly, unworldly, unworking.

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