Synonyms for Positive:


absolute (adjective)
definite, consummate, unconditional, perfect, unquestionable, supreme, precise, utter, absolute, unequivocal, undeniable, unqualified, unmitigated, conclusive, categorical, certain, indubitable, sure, unrestricted, complete.
actual (adjective)
certain, true.
affirmative (adjective)
favorable, certain, categorical, affirmative, sure, definite, assertive, declarative, predicative, insistent.
aggressive (adjective)
assertive (adjective)
emphatic, insistent.
assured (adjective)
beyond doubt (adjective)
beyond question (adjective)
categorical (adjective)
unqualified, flat out, unreserved.
certain (adjective)
patent, inarguable, indisputable, set, incontestable, undoubted, decided, definite, assured, sure, undeniable, clear, doubtless, convinced, Irrefragable, incontrovertible, veritable, irrefutable, indubitable, supreme, certain, steadfast, accurate, undisputable, satisfied, unequivocal, unassailable, trusting, plain, confident, decisive, undoubting, absolute, unmistakable, unquestionable.
cheerful (adjective)
content (adjective)
electrical (adjective)
electromagnetic, electronic, inductive, conductive, magnetic, technical, electrical.
perfect (adjective)
positive (adjective)
convinced, decided, indisputable, constructive, affirmative, unmistakable, decisive, absolute, unmitigated, sure, concrete, express, incontrovertible, incontestable, thoroughgoing, assured, beneficial, confident, forward-looking, irrefutable, unambiguous, undeniable, downright, definite, inarguable, perfect, categorical, real, out-and-out, indubitable, consummate, clear, outright, conclusive, complete, optimistic, explicit, hard, thorough, specific, actual, unequivocal, clear-cut.
undisputed (adjective)


arc, active, brownout, arc light. evidently, actually, essentially, certainly, precisely, literally, help, upbeat, simply, surely, honestly, clearly. merit, privilege, virtue, asset, edge, affirm, favorable, trump card, advantage, benefit, incentive. hostile, maiden, inarguable, true, lamely, limp, unassailable, amateur, commemorative, desperate, attempted, face saving, lame, undisputable, hard. hexadecimal, indivisible, annualized, calculable, divisible, binary, double digit, undoubting, average, decimal, even. base, cube, constant, computation, common factor, cube root, Arabic Numeral, arithmetic progression, common multiple, coefficient. cardiovascular, circulatory, coronary, arterial, vascular, venous, cardiac. unfalteringly, satisfied, unquestioning. biopsy, diagnosis, checkup, check, CT-SCAN, CAT scan, amniocentesis, autopsy, cervical smear, blood test. joyful, joyous, pleasing, cheerful, life-affirming, satisfying, exhilarating, uplifting, heartwarming. hopeful, in the fond hope that, idealistic, uplifted, romantic, visionary, forward-looking, bullish. halftone, camera-shy, black and white, photographic, photo shoot, photo CD, candid, grainy, photogenic, photo opportunity. definite (noun)
concrete, actual, real.
emphatic (noun)
obstinate, emphatic, resolute.

Other synonyms:

emphatic, crashing, sympathetic, idealistic, vascular, satisfied, inarguable, undoubting, arrant, unquestioning, undisputable, uplifted, unrelieved, circulatory, arterial, cardiac, forward-looking, supportive, venous, cardiovascular. specific, unambiguous, upbeat, explicit, outright, downright, precise, unassailable, coronary, out-and-out, pro. flat out, hopeful, pure, all-out, unbounded, unlimited, bullish. clear-cut, blooming, visionary. damned, side. romantic. unreserved. dead. flat. plain. hard. stubborn

Usage examples for positive

  1. " I am not positive that final decision has yet been reached, but I heard daybreak to- morrow mentioned. – My Lady of the North by Randall Parrish
  2. Miss Remson, I feel positive that Doctor Matthews will realize, later, what a serious mistake he has made. – Marjorie Dean, College Sophomore by Pauline Lester
  3. " If the proof is positive he then went on, " you assuredly can trust both my client and myself to remember our promise to you." – The Chief Legatee by Anna Katharine Green