Synonyms for Convincing:


believable (adjective)
hopeful, presumable, likely, impressive, reliable, creditable, reasonable, trustworthy, probable, possible, valid, dependable, acceptable.
effective (adjective)
persuasive (adjective)
credible, valid, moving, conclusive, telling, reliable, swaying, probable, reasonable, plausible, faithful, possible, authentic, presumable, trustworthy, cogent, satisfactory, dependable, hopeful, acceptable, likely, impressive.
reliable (adjective)


friendly, hardball, cogent, comfortable, satisfactory, handsome, hotly, telling, persuasion, competitive, hot, devastating. true, authentic, valid, trustworthy, faithful, authoritative. convincing (noun)
disillusioning, conclusive, plausible, persuasive, disenchanting, credible.
persuasive (noun)
cogent, moving, impressive.


coaxing (verb)
urging, charming, Cajoling, imploring, Seducing.
demonstrating (verb)
Displaying, unveiling, unmasking, Presenting, Exposing, Evincing, Exhibiting, uncovering, Illustrating, Flaunting, Indicating, Manifesting, flourishing, demonstrating, showing.
persuading (verb)
inducing, swaying, alluring, coaxing, Persuading, selling, Indoctrinating, winning over, Influencing, enlisting, tempting, enticing.

Other synonyms:

seductive, smooth-talking, valid. faithful, trustworthy, hotly. friendly, competitive, satisfactory, devastating, telling. authoritative. handsome. true. comfortable. hot. conclusive
credible, believable.
persuasive, cogent.
Other relevant words:
friendly, seductive, hotly, cogent, hot, credible, authoritative, moving, dependable, forcefulness, satisfactory, believable, presumable, probable, possible, reliable, disenchanting, reasonable, hopeful, conclusive, creditable, valid, comfortable, handsome, hardball, devastating, authentic, true, impressive, persuasion, telling, likely, plausible, competitive, trustworthy, disillusioning, persuasive, faithful, smooth-talking, acceptable.

Usage examples for convincing

  1. Sainte Aldegonde was not discouraged by this statement, but in the hope of convincing others, or with the wish of showing that he had tried his best, desired that I would hear him before the council of state. – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley