Synonyms for Attribute:


characteristic, be, trait, savor, quality, feature, character, peculiarity. emblem, substitute, symbol. lay. attribute (noun)
property, ascribe, dimension, impute, repute, assign.
cognition (noun)
dimension, property.
feature (noun)
mark, trait, property, characteristic, character, facet, peculiarity, symbol, aspect, quality.
quality (noun)
trait, study atquality, characteristic, quality.


ascribe, assign to source (verb)
blame, apply, charge, credit, accredit, impute, lay, refer, connect.
attribute (verb)
blame, cite, brand, set, impute, credit, connect, place, apply, accredit, ascribe, acknowledge, assign, attach, cast, mark, refer.
blame (verb)
censure, reproach, rebuke, condemn, indict, charge, accuse.
cognition (verb)
give (verb)
devote, dispense, offer, expend, help, give, donate, endow, assist, award, provide, extend, bequeath, impart, render, fund, bestow, shower, supply, allow, lend, share, deliver, grant, lavish, present, ration, send, consign, disburse, dole, allot, submit, serve, contribute, tender, furnish, pay, pledge.

Other synonyms:

character. lay, savor. accuse

Usage examples for attribute

  1. But on turning from the forms of Greek art to the substance of Greek literature, we find that Beauty, although everywhere an important element, is by no means the sole or even the chief attribute of the greatest writings, nor is the Hellenic consciousness confined within the life of Nature, unless this term is allowed to comprehend man with all his thoughts and aspirations. – The Seven Plays in English Verse by Sophocles
  2. We have dealt already with the attribute of Justice. – Love's Final Victory by Horatio
  3. Such a colour, though to be sure I attribute that more to what she ate and drank than to anything else. – Miss Mapp by Edward Frederic Benson