Synonyms for Leap:


conversion, on second thought, reappraisal, turnaround, a change of heart, volte-face, about-face, turnabout. move, upswing, upsurge, spurt, growth, increase, explosion. get along, break through, plod along, get on with, reach, progress, forge ahead, get ahead, advance. alter, go into, change, change into, shift, become, diversify, convert, tend, turn into. charge, outpace, fly, be quick on your feet, race, dart, hasten, gallop, speed, surge. dive. flying tackle, running jump, flip. act (noun)
spring, saltation, bounce, bound, leaping.
jump; increase (noun)
hop, vault, skip, surge, upswing, upsurge, bound, spring.
leap (noun)
spring, bounce, bound, jump, saltation, leaping.
leaps (noun)
vault, hop, hurdle, jump, spring, skip.


change (verb)
jump, jump over; increase (verb)
bounce, hurdle, advance.
leap (verb)
hurdle, capriole, vault, jump, skip, pounce, spring, hop, bound.
motion (verb)
run (verb)

Other synonyms:

turnabout, conversion, upsurge, running jump, spurt, upswing, volte-face, increase, flying tackle, hasten, dive, shift, turnaround, reappraisal. growth, surge, explosion. flip. fly. hasten
Other relevant words:
gallop, dive, fly, bounce, change, outpace, spurt, leaping, charge, shift, flip, surge, race, diversify, progress, become, move, reappraisal, upswing, saltation, conversion, reach, tend, growth, hasten, turnaround, dart, advance, increase, speed, explosion, alter, turnabout, about-face, upsurge, convert, volte-face.

Usage examples for leap

  1. He watched it as it came slowly towards him, and his heart leapt- yet not quite as he had expected it to leap – The Ship of Stars by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  2. For an instant Victor hesitated, then took the leap – Victor Ollnee's Discipline by Hamlin Garland
  3. If thou wilt stay, Leap in my arms: mine arms are open wide: If not- turn from me, and I'll turn from thee; For though thou hast the power to say farewell, I have not power to stay thee. – A Study of Shakespeare by Algernon Charles Swinburne