Synonyms for Debauched:


all (adjective)
dissipated, dissolute, profligate, degenerate, fast, libertine, degraded, riotous.
dishonest (adjective)
dissolute (adjective)
fast (adjective)
intemperate (adjective)
indulgent, excessive, self-indulgent, orgiastic, sensual, carousing, Luxuriating, dissipated, intemperate.
misused (adjective)
ill-treated, defiled, debased, despoiled, misused, desecrated, maltreated, violated, abused, ill-used, degraded.
sensual (adjective)
licentious, sensual, oversexed, lecherous, prurient, libidinous, erotic, Concupiscent, randy, lewd, Rutting, carnal, lascivious, hedonistic, sex-crazed, lusty, lustful.
violated, corrupted (adjective)
defiled, perverted, fast, profligate, vitiated, dissolute, licentious, degraded, immoral, depraved, wicked, corrupt, debased, dissipated, degenerate.
wicked (adjective)
felonious, sinister, corrupt, sadistic, damnable, wrongdoing, base, scandalous, lawbreaking, perverse, iniquitous, villainous, blameworthy, improper, shocking, indecent, degenerate, criminal, evildoing, debased, black, depraved, wicked, Misdoing, obnoxious, sinful, immoral, reprehensible, bad.


evil, gross, deviant, sordid, unethical, amoral. debauched (noun)
dissolute, dissipated, libertine, immoral, riotous, degenerate, profligate, degraded, fast.


misused (verb)
degraded, debased, maltreated, defiled, ill-treated, violated, despoiled, ill-used, abused, desecrated, misused.
perverted (verb)
debased, twisted, distorted, vitiated, warped, desecrated, seduced, degraded, perverted, demoralized, Abased, adulterated, corrupted, depraved, deformed.

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Other relevant words:
fast, evil, profligate, libertine, sordid, amoral, riotous, dissolute, gross.

Usage examples for debauched

  1. The next moment he caught sight of Mistress Charity- Mistress Charity so please you, who had plighted her troth to him, walking arm in arm with Master Courage Toogood, as impudent, insolent and debauched a young jackanapes as ever defaced the forests of Thanet. – The Nest of the Sparrowhawk by Baroness Orczy
  2. It takes the coarse palate of youth or the depraved palate of a more debauched manhood than mine to enjoy such a feast. – The Plum Tree by David Graham Phillips