Synonyms for Prominent:


all (adjective)
outstanding, salient, big, spectacular, large, striking.
distinguished (adjective)
important (adjective)
important, earthshaking, influential, high-powered, salient, big, crucial, noteworthy, heavyweight, world-shaking, serious, notable, momentous, big-wig, grave, critical, eminent, pivotal, considerable, distinguished, big-name, consequential.
important; famous (adjective)
eminent, well-known, notable, big-name, distinguished, leading, popular, preeminent, Famed, noted, notorious, celebrated, renowned.
noticeable (adjective)
reputable (adjective)
memorable, pronounced, notable, renowned, well-known, popular, acclaimed, noteworthy, exalted, famous, illustrious, celebrated, esteemed, mythical, fabled, distinguished, remarkable, legendary, elevated, preeminent, notorious, Famed, reputed.
sticking out (adjective)
sticking out; conspicuous (adjective)
obvious, projecting, remarkable, pronounced, relieved, extended, bulging, signal, outstanding, rough, salient, protuberant, obtrusive, arresting, noticeable, rugged, marked, eye-catching, raised, hilly, striking.


leading, the one and only, infamous. marked, see, observable, signal, arresting, pointed, eye-catching, bold. prestigious, knowledge, noted, redoubtable, respect. conspicuous (noun)
prominent (noun)
obvious, spectacular, outstanding, striking, big, salient, large, conspicuous.
sticking out (noun)
bulge, bulging, jut, protuberant, overhang, protrude, project, stick out, stick up.

Other synonyms:

eye-catching, prestigious, arresting. noted, marked. redoubtable. observable. bold. pointed. jutting
sticking out
bulge, bulging, jut, protuberant, overhang, protrude, project, stick out, stick up.

Usage examples for prominent

  1. One prominent example may be mentioned- viz. – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield
  2. George Brown, who was then a prominent man in opposition to the government. – George Brown by John Lewis
  3. The spirit of polemic is still prominent in 1st John, but the Gospel shows the effect of opposition only in the more careful statement of the evangelist's exact meaning. – The Making of the New Testament by Benjamin W. Bacon