Synonyms for Grating:


abrasive (adjective)
aggravating (adjective)
antagonizing, upsetting, exacerbating, irritating, Rankling, Harassing, infuriating, exasperating, vexing, inflaming, tormenting, perturbing, annoying, Bedeviling, pestering, teasing, disturbing, bothersome, troublesome, aggravating, Enraging, Irksome.
all (adjective)
raspy, gravelly, rasping, rough.
guttural (adjective)
irritating; scraping (adjective)
hoarse, annoying, rough, squeaky, strident, grinding, dry, rasping, Irksome, jarring, shrill, harsh, displeasing, raucous.
rough (adjective)
shrill (adjective)
cutting, treble, screaming, jarring, harsh, shrieking, raucous, screeching, squealing, Caterwauling, high-pitched, jangling, squeaky, ear-piercing, whistling, penetrating, reedy, strident, creaky, piercing, whining, scraping, hoarse, scratching, shrill, acute, rasping.


brittle, flat, fruity, adenoidal, disembodied, dead, breathy, appealing. doorpost, doorjamb, doorstep, arch, sounds, dry, doorknocker, doorstop, doorbell, door, doorknob, doorplate, squawky. artifact (noun)
friction (noun)
grating (noun)
grate, cacophonic, rough, diffraction grating, gravelly, gravel, cacophonous, raspy, rasping.


aggravating (verb)
Envenoming, troubling, Harrying, badgering, peeving, irking, Bothering, hassling, nagging, baiting, Arousing, Discomposing, needling.
chafing (verb)
rasping, aggravating, wearing, Fretting, Harassing, grinding, disturbing, scraping, Resisting, rubbing, Abrading, irritating, chafing, scrubbing.
displeasing (verb)
provoking, repelling, disappointing, shocking, offending, Riling, displeasing, Angering, Scandalizing, Aggrieving, disgusting.

Other synonyms:

disembodied, fruity, breathy, squawky, adenoidal. brittle. dead. dry. flat. Other relevant words:
doorstep, grate, rough, adenoidal, cacophonous, gravelly, doorstop, door, flat, cacophonic, doorknob, gravel, breathy, doorjamb, squawky, doorknocker, dead, doorbell, disembodied, fruity, appealing, dry, doorpost, sounds, raspy, brittle, diffraction grating, doorplate, arch.

Usage examples for grating

  1. " All's right," said Collins to Newton, as he quitted the grating – Newton Forster by Frederick Marryat
  2. He walks slowly, on tiptoe, puts his face to the grating Well! – Fromont and Risler, Complete by Alphonse Daudet Last Updated: March 3, 2009
  3. A key grating in the lock of the garden gate? – The Amulet by Hendrik Conscience