Synonyms for Disgusting:


disagreeable (adjective)
distasteful, unpleasant, obnoxious, offensive, nasty, unpalatable, bothersome, repulsive, disagreeable.
grisly (adjective)
hateful (adjective)
offensive (adjective)
atrocious, horrid.
sickening; repulsive (adjective)
horrid, distasteful, offensive, outrageous, repugnant, icky, repellent, loathsome, foul, detestable, shocking, horrific, yucky, lousy, revolting, obnoxious, nasty, odious, nauseating, rotten, abominable.
unclean (adjective)
murky, muddy, mucky, impure, foul, sloppy, unsanitary, crummy, unhygenic, odious, sordid, obscene, grungy, festering, putrid, defiled, slovenly, septic, grimy, smutty, squalid, dusty, scruffy, dingy, toxic, shabby, unclean, offensive, scatological, dirty, insalubrious, icky, untidy, filthy, fetid, infectious, grubby.
unsavory (adjective)
unsavory, nauseating, unpalatable, distasteful.


indecent, horrifying, outrageous, horrific, taboo. horrid, atrocious, ugly, unwholesome, pain, like. disgusting (noun)
wicked, loathsome, yucky, foul, repellant, skanky, revolting, offensive, repelling, disgustful, repellent, distasteful, loathly.


displeasing (verb)
disturbing, Scandalizing, jarring, irritating, Riling, Bothering, grating, offending, annoying, disappointing, Angering, provoking, repelling, displeasing, Aggrieving, shocking.

Other synonyms:

Despisable, horrific, rotten. contemptible, lousy, repugnant, horrifying, despicable, outrageous, abhorrent, abominable, detestable, nefarious. atrocious, antipathetic, taboo, wretched, infamous, horrid. unwholesome. low. unpleasant
Other relevant words:
detestable, loathsome, antipathetic, abhorrent, contemptible, unwholesome, lousy, skanky, despicable, horrific, like, disgustful, wretched, taboo, ugly, mean, pain, outrageous, rotten, repugnant, low, horrifying, Despisable, atrocious, abominable, horrid, indecent, repellent, nefarious, loathly, yucky, revolting, infamous, wicked, repellant.

Usage examples for disgusting

  1. I am not drawing the picture of an imaginary monster, but of a living clergyman of this county; and I could describe others equally disgusting – Memoirs of Henry Hunt, Esq. Volume 3 by Henry Hunt