Synonyms for Pestilential:


all (adjective)
plaguey, pestilent.
dangerous (adjective)
diseased (adjective)
harmful (adjective)
virulent (adjective)
pestilent, malignant.


infuriating, pathetic, unbearable, obscene. carrier, candida, defense mechanism, antibody, defense, fester, malignant, virulent, biosecurity, contagion, cross infection, cross-contamination, help. deadly (noun)
dangerous, infectious, malignant.
pestilential (noun)
epidemic, plaguelike, plaguey, pestilent.

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Usage examples for pestilential

  1. Not less than 5, 000 men were at that moment dying by slow torture in the foul prisons or pestilential floating dungeons of New York. – The Campaign of Trenton 1776-77 by Samuel Adams Drake
  2. If you really believe that He is the sworn enemy of all misery and disease, you will show yourselves too the sworn enemies of everything that causes misery and disease, and work together like men to put all pestilential filth and damp out of this parish. – Sermons on National Subjects by Charles Kingsley