Synonyms for Repelling:


opposing (adjective)
oppositional (adjective)
defiant, hindering, counterattacking, Objecting, Counteracting, Rebuffing, challenging, protesting, inhibiting, Repulsing, contradictory, antagonizing, Suppressing, conflicting, impeding, oppositional, Resisting, interfering, Disputing, repressing, confrontational, obstructive, crossing.
repulsive (adjective)
repulsive, Rejecting, Snubbing, Spurning, Rebuffing.
revolting (adjective)


repelling (noun)
disgustful, skanky, revolting, repellant, distasteful, wicked, foul, offensive, disgusting, loathsome, loathly, yucky, repellent.
repulsing (noun)
Dispersing, scattering.


displeasing (verb)
disturbing, displeasing, provoking, annoying, Angering, disappointing, offending, Aggrieving, shocking, Scandalizing, Bothering, irritating, jarring, grating, Riling, disgusting.
opposing (verb)
confronting, opposing, Suppressing, antagonizing, Rebuffing, protesting, Disputing, fighting, impeding, countering, crossing, meddling, Defying, Objecting, Contradicting, Oppressing, Intercepting, Obstructing, Counteracting, counterattacking, Checking, hindering, challenging, disagreeing, conflicting, Resisting, repressing, Repulsing, inhibiting, interfering.
repulsing (verb)
Rejecting, Spurning, brushing off, cold-shouldering, Snubbing.
resisting (verb)
standing firm, standing fast, Withstanding.

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Other relevant words:
loathsome, loathly, repulsive, disgustful, skanky, distasteful, repellent, scattering, revolting, Dispersing, wicked, refusal, repellant, offensive, yucky, foul.

Usage examples for repelling

  1. Are you man or king enough to help us in repelling them?" – The Great Mogul by Louis Tracy
  2. They answered with alacrity, and always bore themselves gallantly, more than once repelling the enemy in the open field. – The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2) by Jefferson Davis
  3. Our mandate is to keep our attention solely fixed upon the defences of the country, to elaborate different schemes for repelling different methods of attack, and in short to make ourselves responsible to the country for the safety of the Empire. – The Betrayal by E. Phillips Oppenheim