Synonyms for Revive:


come back, catch on, go down a storm, gladden, be in demand, divert, set a trend, solace, encourage, delight, console, appeal, soothe, comfort, grow on, inspirit, please, come in, boom, rejoice, relieve, brighten. nurse, pull through, shake, respond, survive, live, fight off. stick in your mind/memory, relive, think back, reactivate, be stamped on your memory/mind, do something from memory, bring/call someone/something to mind, awareness. keep, reintroduce, reestablish, reinstate, return, increase. think, recall, recollect, mind, reminisce, retain, remember, bethink. revive (noun)
come to, resuscitate.


energize (verb)
activate, rouse, power, recharge, fire, invigorate, spark, force, empower, drive, charge, energize.
heal (verb)
make well, heal, recuperate, cure, remedy, restore, rehabilitate, convalesce.
restore (verb)
fix, renovate, rejuvenate, overhaul, recondition, darn, mend, improve, reconstitute.
start again; bring back to life (verb)
encourage, come around, animate, inspirit, brighten, renew, awaken, restore, recondition, enliven, recover, comfort, please, rekindle, refresh, enkindle, rally, overcome, rejuvenate, exhilarate, gladden, bring around, resuscitate, bring to, rouse, wake up, energize, relieve, console, renovate, solace, invigorate, strengthen, arouse, revitalize.

Other synonyms:

reactivate, bethink, renew, grow on, rekindle, remember, recall, reawaken, reintroduce, catch on. freshen, pull through, survive, fight off, reestablish, revitalize, reproduce, reminisce, return, reinstate, recollect. recover, respond, come back. boom, bring around. come in. appeal, nurse. rally, retain. shake, think. cheer
perk up.
perk up
catch on.
recollect, relive, recall.
bring to, resuscitate.
recharge, revitalize.

Usage examples for revive

  1. Signor Pasquale Capuzzi lay in such a dead faint that it cost a good deal of trouble to revive him. – Weird Tales. Vol. I by E. T. A. Hoffmann
  2. Just for ten minutes, to revive my memory. – A College Girl by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  3. They were accompanied or followed by proceedings, some of which roused, or strengthened and confirmed, sentiments of a very different description among various important classes of the French community; while others were well calculated to revive the suspicion of all the neighbouring nations. – The History of Napoleon Buonaparte by John Gibson Lockhart