Synonyms for Freshen:


rise, clean, get up, blow, catch, drop, lash, cleanse, purify, gust, howl. rouse, brewery, microbrewery, brew, brewer, head, pour out, draft, revive, jigger, mash. clean out, clear out, order, trig, tidy, slick up, groom, trim, spruce, pick up, straighten up, neaten, sort out, clean up, brush, pick up after. revitalize, revivify, help, strong. freshen (noun)
refresh, refreshen.


change (verb)
make like new; revitalize (verb)
purify, restore, cleanse, revive, rouse, enliven, refresh, invigorate.
refresh (verb)
enliven, invigorate, recoup, renew, rejuvenate, recover, rally, restore, refresh, resuscitate, reinvigorate, recharge, recuperate, exhilarate, divert, stimulate.

Other synonyms:

brewery, revive, brewer, microbrewery, revitalize. pour out, revivify, neaten, trim. gust, jigger. mash, spruce. brew. howl. get up. lash. blow, draft. pick up. head, rise. drop. refresh
reinvigorate, revivify.
slick up.
Other relevant words:
neaten, refreshen, clean out, trig, revivify, clear out, brewery, drop, cleanse, mash, lash, order, jigger, spruce, rouse, revive, strong, catch, brewer, howl, brew, revitalize, purify, brush, draft, slick up, groom, blow, gust, clean up, microbrewery, tidy, trim, rise, clean, head, help.

Usage examples for freshen

  1. He said nothing more to rasp the old gentleman's feelings and prejudices; but he backed up the young people in their attempt to freshen up the old church. – Janice Day by Helen Beecher Long
  2. It was a relief when Lady Valleys said: My dear, my Naval Bazaar at five- thirty; and while I'm there you must go home and have a rest, and freshen yourself up for the evening. – The Patrician by John Galsworthy
  3. The captain gave the order for all the boats to be got ready for lowering; still he had hopes that the breeze would again freshen but he could not hide from himself the danger the ship was in. – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston