Synonyms for Animate:


alive (adjective)
living, moving, vital, live.
existent (adjective)
live (adjective)
living, live, alive, organic, vital, incarnate.
lively (adjective)


fire someone with enthusiasm, interest, intrigue, attract, dazzle. vitalize. brighten, light, happy. flush, buoy, elate, uplift, lift, inspirit, elevate. encourage, motivate, help. enkindle, stir, kindle. action, actuate. alive (noun)
study atalive, moving, surviving, immortal, life.
animate (noun)
enliven, revive, reanimate, quicken, renovate, liven up, revivify, animize, sentient, animise, invigorate, repair, recreate, sensate, inspire, exalt, vivify, liven.


bring to life (verb)
exalt, encourage, revive, inspirit, revivify, kindle, invigorate, energize, rouse, activate, liven, fire, excite, vivify, stimulate, vitalize, quicken, arouse, enliven, inspire, stir.
emotion (verb)
exalt, inspire, invigorate, enliven.
excite (verb)
disturb, disquiet, electrify, exhilarate, arouse, inflame, fire, Impassion, stimulate.
invigorate (verb)
excite, agitate, power, activate, invigorate, energize, revive, rouse, enthuse, strengthen, enliven.

Other synonyms:

elate, kindle, encourage. buoy, motivate. brighten, enkindle. stir, uplift. flush. elevate, lift. light. alive
immortal, surviving, life.
liven up, vitalize.

Usage examples for animate

  1. The very effort to secure it by worthy means will furnish him with a motive for exertion; and his idea of manhood, in proportion as it is elevated, will steady and animate his motive. – Self Help by Samuel Smiles
  2. George spoke quietly to Captain, while Barton strove to animate the Kid. – Pardners by Rex Beach
  3. Like a true child, he almost ignored the distinction between the animate and inanimate. – Varied Types by G. K. Chesterton