Synonyms for Lace:


decoration, edging, knock back, tissue, border, abuse, insertion, mesh, tipple, net, ornament, belt down, needlework, drink like a fish, drink, sober up, hold your drink, trimming, have a skinful, barhop. pinstripe, batik, gauze, plaid, brocade, thong, netting, damask. cufflink, braces, eye, cummerbund, eyelet, drawstring. insole, heel, spat, instep, bootlaces, sole. infuse, mold, stamp, lend, endow with, impart, imbue with, inject, invest with. artifact (noun)
cord (noun)
lead, hamstring, tendon, shoelace, rope, lasso, binding twine, lariat, catgut, rein, cord, towline, umbilical cord, gut, shoestring, sinew.
fastener (noun)
bonding, twine, chain, grapnel, connector, splice, cement, binder, nail, mucilage, rabbet, Vinculum, clip, thread, clamp, lock, fuse, seal, guy, anchor, bracket, braid, hasp, paste, glue, tack, coupling, suture, closure, tie, belt, clasp, rivet, catch, button, snap, pin, cleat, fastener, binding, string, bolt, cincture, ligament, hook, vise, go-between, brad, fastening, spike, weld, middleman, strap, band, clinch, cinch, staple, medium, hinge, buckle, cotter, stitch, knitting, bond, hitch, zipper, knot, stay, latch, agent, brace, link, mediator, skewer, hawser.
lace (noun)
enlace, entwine, fortify, spike, lace up, lacing, interlace, braid, twine, intertwine, plait.
needlepoint (noun)
netted material (noun)
ornament, border, net, tissue, edging, trimming, netting, mesh.
string used to connect (noun)
tie, thread, shoelace, thong, band, cord, rope.


fasten (verb)
bind, couple, lash, tether, sew, plait, connect, weave, baste, zip, knit, fasten.
fasten, intertwine (verb)
twine, strap, interlace, spike, bind, do up, fortify.

Other synonyms:

bootlaces, unbutton, netting, plaid, brocade, damask, insole. batik, endow with, gauze, instep, tissue, pinstripe, invest with, mesh, impart, spat, zip up, infuse, decoration, unzip. lend, inject. sole, do up. heel. mold. net. stamp. flavor
twist around
Other relevant words:
cufflink, mesh, batik, thong, ornament, fortify, netting, bootlaces, inject, insertion, border, cummerbund, decoration, abuse, gauze, trimming, mold, plaid, needlework, net, sole, instep, eye, eyelet, intertwine, entwine, insole, tipple, drink, heel, barhop, lend, enlace, edging, lacing, brocade, drawstring, stamp, tissue, infuse, impart, unzip, interlace, lace up, spat, braces, do up, unbutton, damask, pinstripe.

Usage examples for lace

  1. Confidential and voluble as usual, was this lady, bringing her black lace cap and purple ribbons close to the brim of Mr. Verney's hat, as she leaned over the counter, and murmured her emphatic intelligence and surmises deliberately in his ear. – The Tenants of Malory Volume 1 of 3 by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  2. Pillow lace needs a little more attention, but is a lovely art which girls can easily master. – How Girls Can Help Their Country by Juliette Low Agnes Baden-Powell Robert Baden-Powell
  3. Roxanne says Helena's expression was of one completely surprised, and she went on down the street without any more use of the smile or the red silk and lace dress. – Phyllis by Maria Thompson Daviess