Synonyms for Jigger:


drop, blowfly, bloodsucker, beetle, sip, shot, tot, bedbug, aphid, boll weevil, black widow, snort, ingestion, bluebottle, bee, dram, nip, slug, ant, big. dessertspoon, boatload, cartload, contraption, doohickey, boxful, gizmo, gadget, basket, gimmick, bucketful, contrivance, armful, bag, doodad, concern, box, bucket, widget, machine, thing. head, microbrewery, brewery, brewer, freshen, mash, draft, brew, pour out. artifact (noun)
shot glass, pony.
cup (noun)
mug, beaker, goblet, teacup, wineglass, chalice, stein, magnum, coffee cup, shot glass, cup, tankard, tumbler, bowl, glass, demitasse.
drop (noun)
tot, nip, sip, dram, shot.
gadget (noun)
gimmick, widget, contrivance, contraption, doohickey, gizmo, doodad, concern, thing.
jigger (noun)
pony, harvest mite, jiggermast, shot glass, chigger, redbug.

Other synonyms:

doodad, doohickey, gizmo, brewer, microbrewery, widget, brewery. freshen, gadget, pour out, contraption, snort, slug, dram. gimmick, sip, contrivance. mash. brew, tot, drop, shot. draft. thing. head. Other relevant words:
gadget, aphid, head, contraption, freshen, bucketful, drop, shot, sip, thing, pony, machine, ingestion, cartload, jiggermast, big, snort, brewery, brew, doodad, nip, gimmick, widget, bloodsucker, dram, armful, bucket, contrivance, redbug, harvest mite, bee, ant, blowfly, boatload, box, gizmo, bedbug, doohickey, bag, microbrewery, draft, beetle, chigger, concern, bluebottle, slug, dessertspoon, tot, brewer, basket, boxful, mash.

Usage examples for jigger

  1. If running up with the Jigger drop her dead. – Ade's Fables by George Ade
  2. The boy, Jigger his name. – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker
  3. He told me you would always have enough to help you get on, Jigger – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker