Synonyms for Suppress:


kill off, interfere with, shut off, squeeze out, cut into. besiege, storm, invade, occupy, annex. manage, deal with. keep quiet about something, keep your mouth shut, not breathe a word, keep mum, keep your own counsel, keep someone guessing, keep something to yourself. crush (noun)
overpower, beat down, clamp down on, slap down, cut off, come down on, defeat, hold-down, keep in ignorance, put down, sit on, crack down on, trample out, keep in, burke, quell, choke off.
suppress (noun)
inhibit, restrain, keep, repress, stamp down, conquer, curb, crush, subdue, keep back, hold back, oppress.


abolish (verb)
prohibit, inhibit, revoke.
arrest (verb)
hold, restrain, hinder, block, restrict, obstruct, prevent.
ban (verb)
disallow, bar, outlaw.
bottle up (verb)
keep back.
bridle (verb)
constrain, control.
cancel (verb)
recall, retract, counteract, recant.
oppose (verb)
defy, protest, intercept, confront, counterattack, repulse, resist, counteract, challenge, impede, inhibit, dispute, rebuff, oppress, interfere, obstruct, object, check, fight, contradict, disagree, repress, meddle, repel, hinder, antagonize, cross, conflict, counter, oppose.
prohibit (verb)
curtail, curb, deny, outlaw, block, disallow, disqualify, preclude, ban, bar, prevent, restrain, restrict, prohibit, constrain, forbid, reject, disapprove, control, refuse.
suppress (verb)
curb, beat down, put down, withhold, overpower, repress, conquer, keep in, sit on, quell, subdue, cut off, crack down on, crush, burke, hold back, check.
withdraw (verb)
withhold, recant, revoke, recall, withdraw, retain, keep, reserve, retract, hold.

Other synonyms:

cut into, besiege, quell, kill off, interfere with, hold-down, burke, squeeze out. annex, shut off. occupy, invade, storm. deal with. manage. bottle up
keep back.
choke off.

Usage examples for suppress

  1. " You are a very clever boy," said Manuel, and turned away to suppress a smile. – Plotting in Pirate Seas by Francis Rolt-Wheeler
  2. But he resolved to suppress any outward manifestations of that state. – The Pines of Lory by John Ames Mitchell
  3. Tears of wounded pride, and bitter self- distrust, rose to her eyes, so thick and fast, that the lady almost fled from the room, that Hurst might not hear the sobs that she had no power to suppress – Norston's Rest by Ann S. Stephens