Synonyms for Dust:


clod, loam, mud, alluvium. powder, fraction, a bit, sample, hint, a little, strike, taster, bit, piece, trace, fragment. paper, cement, plaster, wax, tile, ice, carpet, varnish, plate, board over. clean up, clean, clear out, pick up, straighten up, clean out, brush, tidy, sort out, pick up after. dirt (noun)
earth, house moss, powder, particles, grime, grunge, granules, muck, mess, soot, smut, loam, lint, soil, Filings, filth, loess, sand, grit, cinders, Mormon rain, flakes, scum, murk.
dust (noun)
disperse, detritus, scatter, rubble, junk, sprinkle, debris, dot.
grime (noun)
tiny particles in the air (noun)
lint, earth, granules, grime, loess, soil, sand, flakes, grit, soot, cinders, filth, smut, powder.


sprinkle tiny particles (verb)

Other synonyms:

grit, loam, sand, alluvium. soil, clod, mud. powder. clean
straighten up.
grunge, grime, scum, murk, muck, smut, filth, mess.
Other relevant words:
grunge, paper, clean, taster, murk, wax, fraction, trace, grit, plate, clear out, loam, tidy, tile, loess, alluvium, sand, mud, Filings, fragment, carpet, lint, granules, smut, ice, clean out, piece, muck, mess, straighten up, sample, strike, particles, cement, bit, soot, clean up, hint, clod, soil, grime, earth, plaster, flakes, filth, varnish, scum, cinders, powder, brush.

Usage examples for dust

  1. The fellows who went in for a mere dust up got left." – For the Liberty of Texas by Edward Stratemeyer
  2. She had not expected that he would kiss the dust – Hilda Lessways by Arnold Bennett
  3. It has not the blue of the others, he said, but indeed they are not all alike, and it will match the most of them- after a rain or two- and some dust – The Cavalier by George Washington Cable