Synonyms for Dough:


bakery, pulp, knead, crusty, leaven, leavened, poppyseed, bake, batter, mixture. brass, mazuma, green, jack, long green, moola, banknote. bread (noun)
bun, raisin bread, pancake, flapjack, yeast, flour, whole wheat bread, pumpernickel, corn bread, whole grain bread, tortilla, biscuit, griddlecake, roll, rusk, loaf, sweet roll, baguette, sliced bread, cracker, bagel, crust, sweet bun, white-bread, dumpling, brown bread, bread-stick, scone, bread, crumb, rye bread, croissant, croutons, donut, zwieback, pita bread, toast, muffin, banana bread, hard roll, taco, breakfast roll, waffle.
coin (noun)
gold, copper.
combination (noun)
dough (noun)
cabbage, pelf, kale, gelt, loot, lucre, shekels, bread, dinero, moolah.
money (noun)
pounds, spending money, proceeds, iou, bread, net worth, lucre, profit, money, income, draft, moola, coupon, bankroll, gross, treasure, wallet, nugget, check, silver, dollar, issue, loot, bond, funds, copper, dinero, scratch, bank note, gold, bullion, ways and means, sterling, purse, promissory note, stock, coinage, cash, greenback, worth, wampum, wealth, note, bill, petty cash, assets, wad, receipts, balance sheet, capital, change, currency, moolah, pocket money, swag, fortune, money order, ingot, cabbage, wherewithal.
wealth (noun)
long green, wealth.

Other synonyms:

leavened, bakery, long green, mixture, pulp, moola, mazuma, poppyseed. batter, bake, crusty, leaven. brass. green. jack. Other relevant words:
bakery, jack, mixture, kale, leavened, shekels, gelt, bake, cabbage, leaven, long green, pelf, mazuma, batter, brass, pulp, poppyseed, dinero, green, moola.

Usage examples for dough

  1. Mr. Huneker says of Liszt and the Comtesse d'Agoult: " Every one knows that he was as so much dough in her hands." – The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 2 by Rupert Hughes
  2. " My dough my pleasure... – The Planet Strappers by Raymond Zinke Gallun
  3. About three months later the lawyer, who had heard nothing further concerning the case, happened to be in the office of the district attorney, when the latter looked up with a smile and inquired: " Well, how's your client- Mr. Dough – Courts and Criminals by Arthur Train