Synonyms for Flapjack:


cake mix, brownie, Christmas Cake, chocolate chip cookie, cake, cheesecake, baking sheet, cone. bread (noun)
cracker, croutons, baguette, bread-stick, bun, yeast, bagel, dumpling, loaf, griddlecake, raisin bread, sweet bun, bread, flour, donut, corn bread, waffle, sweet roll, whole grain bread, tortilla, pita bread, rusk, sliced bread, rye bread, breakfast roll, banana bread, brown bread, pancake, toast, scone, muffin, crust, zwieback, dough, taco, whole wheat bread, pumpernickel, biscuit, croissant, hard roll, roll, white-bread, crumb.
flapjack (noun)
flapcake, battercake, hotcake, pancake, flannelcake, griddlecake, hot cake.
griddlecake (noun)
hot cake (noun)
griddlecake, hotcake.
pancake (noun)
flapcake, battercake, griddlecake, hotcake, Johnnycake.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
flannelcake, hot cake, Johnnycake, hotcake, flapcake, battercake.

Usage examples for flapjack

  1. This was something new to Nathalie, and she quite enjoyed it as she watched one girl after the other take her turn in making a flapjack – Blue Robin, the Girl Pioneer by Rena I. Halsey
  2. " Make him put up a stiff fight," he admonished through a mouthful of flapjack – Down the Columbia by Lewis R. Freeman