Synonyms for Bread:


brioche, breadcrumbs, corn pone, blini. eat, have a meal, copper, coinage, bill, banknote. nourishment, diet, pap, pabulum, edible, aliment, comestible, nutrition, victual, nurture, provender, Esculent, eats, chow, provision. care for. bread and butter, money, livelihood, maintenance, upkeep, subsistence, living, alimentation, support, keep, alimony. cash, currency, jack, moola, green, brass, mazuma, long green. bread (noun)
croissant, kale, raisin bread, white-bread, flour, brown bread, staff of life, yeast, dough, dinero, dumpling, waffle, breakfast roll, lucre, baguette, gelt, tortilla, loaf, corn bread, moolah, pelf, hard roll, flapjack, biscuit, sweet bun, toast, whole grain bread, pumpernickel, shekels, roll, banana bread, taco, bagel, griddlecake, donut, bun, crust, zwieback, muffin, sweet roll, breadstuff, scone, rusk, croutons, bread-stick, whole wheat bread, crumb, rye bread, loot, cracker, sliced bread, cabbage, pancake, pita bread.
coin (noun)
daily food (noun)
staff of life, aliment, nourishment, nutriment, sustenance, nurture, diet, grub, feed, subsistence, fare, provender.
food (noun)
staff of life, breadstuff.
meal (noun)
cuisine, spread, banquet, grub, sustenance, eating, fare, consumption, drink, meat, barbecue, feed, snack, food, repast, feast, morsel, meal, dinner, taste, breakfast, foodstuff, picnic, nutriment, board, ingestion, lunch.
money (noun)
cash, dough, mazuma, cabbage.
nourishment (noun)
pap (noun)
pastry (noun)

Other synonyms:

victual, bread and butter, corn pone, brioche, blini, long green, breadcrumbs, provender, subsistence, banknote, moola, pap, aliment, alimentation, mazuma, chow. coinage, currency, nourishment, pabulum, eats, alimony, nutrition, nurture. living, cash, maintenance, upkeep, copper, livelihood, diet. money, brass. provision, green. jack, bill. Other relevant words:
gelt, kale, breadstuff, alimony, subsistence, chow, cash, loot, green, edible, provender, brioche, bread and butter, livelihood, aliment, victual, lucre, alimentation, pelf, jack, mazuma, eats, keep, moolah, moola, shekels, nurture, nourishment, upkeep, brass, support, staff of life, banknote, dinero, money, living, comestible, breadcrumbs, coinage, long green, diet, provision, pap, maintenance, pabulum, Esculent, cabbage, currency, nutrition.

Usage examples for bread

  1. " A piece of bread answered Midas, " is worth all the gold on earth." – Journeys Through Bookland V2 by Charles H. Sylvester
  2. " You must give him a little more bread to take with him; give him a bit of mine to- morrow," said the grandmother sympathisingly. – Heidi by Johanna Spyri
  3. So he gave her a piece of bread and sent her away. – Missionary Work Among The Ojebway Indians by Edward Francis Wilson