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raft - 242 results
Other synonyms:

masses, mess hall, voltaic pile, push-down stack, toilet, gage, much, batch, bunch, truckload, draw, dozen, skunk, infinity pool, bargain, mint candy, gobs, chew, good deal, Aqualung, kettle of fish, band, commode, agglomerate, grass, mussiness, mound, multiplicity, slew, chaw, throne, chain reactor, atomic reactor, profusion, galvanic pile, mess, hatful, kitty, plentifulness, reams, locoweed, pool, clutch, luck, sheaf, tidy sum, deal, upsurge, balsa, mountain, quite a little, lane, cumulation, carrier, pile, mass, wad, bundle, set, caboodle, yard, pack, hoi polloi, plentitude, down, visual modality, chunk, the great unwashed, potful, atomic pile, circumstances, wealth, bulk carrier, diving board, can, jalopy, coracle, bay window, weed, mint, people, peck, cumulus, vision, rubber raft, stool, dope, spile, plug, jam, multitude, flock, canal boat, passel, bus, freshet, hand, business deal, carload, fortune, survey, green goddess, sens, fate, muddle, portion, rush, hole, corporation, fold, view, myriad, piling, cockleshell, mount, plateful, jackpot, abundance, great deal, circle, boatload, barrel, stilt, surge, shipload, visual sense, softwood, pot, push-down list, potbelly, fix, potty, lighter, sess, ken, bowser, float, big bucks, muckle, heap, bulk, smoke, ton, flowerpot, troop, loads, bushel, muss, scads, plenitude, sight, mickle, plenteousness, stack, messiness, quantity, whole lot, length, destiny, fistful, diving bell, potentiometer, life raft, volume, lashings, lot, quid, plenty, poolside, spate, bathhouse, oodles, basketful, crapper, bucket, megabucks, swimming raft, tummy, hundred, push-down store, whole slew, big money, nap, trade, pickle, cud, smokestack, push-down storage, store.

Examples of usage:

At any rate, there the old mother hen and her little ducks were on the raft, with the two children. - "Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue Playing Circus", Laura Lee Hope.

All we've got to do is to stick together on the raft, and we're almost sure to be picked up." - "A Jolly Fellowship", Frank R. Stockton.

By this time a raft had been constructed, with a strong cask fastened to each corner, and ropes attached so that Avery could tie himself to it. - "The Falls of Niagara and Other Famous Cataracts", George W. Holley.

Similar words:

life raft, balsa raft, rafts, raf.

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