Synonyms for Ferry:


back up, packet, car pool, bypass, block in, carve up, buckle up, change down, box in. carrier, bulk carrier, cockleshell, Bowser, canal boat, coracle. bus station, terminal, station, platform, terminus, stop, way station, bus shelter, depot. artifact (noun)
boat (noun)
barge, freighter, cutter, galley, cruiser, catamaran, battleship, liner, dory, icebreaker, submarine, frigate, tugboat, Bateau, scull, merchantman, ship, vessel, destroyer, pontoon, cargo boat, trawler, dinghy, skiff, rowboat, boat, lifeboat, speedboat, gondola, watercraft, fishing boat, bark, sampan, motorboat, kayak, schooner, scow, ocean liner, houseboat, gunboat, paddle boat, tanker, hydrofoil, dugout, aircraft carrier, cabin cruiser, steamboat, longboat, sailboat, canoe, yacht, hulk, raft.
ferry (noun)
barge, packet, ferrying, ferryboat.
vehicle (noun)
boxcar, roadster, train, conveyance, bicycle, taxicab, landau, buggy, wagon, cart, jeep, sled, taxi, cab, truck, fire engine, car, coach, motorcar, sedan, convertible, ambulance, auto, bus, armored car, jalopy, stagecoach, van, brougham, hearse, automobile, tractor, vehicle, sledge, motorcycle, station wagon, coupe, limousine.


boat (verb)
sail, row.
carry (verb)
bring, lift, shoulder, truck, cart.
carry across (verb)
ship, carry.
convey (verb)
sail (verb)
pilot, navigate.
take (verb)

Other synonyms:

bus station, bus shelter, terminus, carry. packet, depot. platform, terminal, station. stop. carry
Other relevant words:
canal boat, coracle, Bowser, bring, bypass, cockleshell, station, hump, depot, carrier, shoulder, schlep, terminal, platform, lift, ferryboat, packet, stop, carry, terminus, ferrying.

Usage examples for ferry

  1. His corps suffered at the battle of Monk's Corner and at Leneau's Ferry – Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution by L. Carroll Judson
  2. No one on the Island saw Ellen Daly again; they said she had crossed to the mainland by the afternoon ferry – An Isle in the Water by Katharine Tynan