Synonyms for Sea:


oceanic (adjective)
marine, maritime, oceanic.


black, high water, arabian, dead, mediterranean, Barents, philippine, norwegian, flood tide, crest, java, japan, Tyrrhenian, white, high-water mark, Azov, north, irish, low tide, timor, backwash, Okhotsk, coral, yellow, ionian, red, caribbean, adriatic, cap, aegean, tasman, caspian, Sulu, baltic, East China, celebes, high tide, billow, South China, breaker. the Caribbean, the briny, the deep, the waves, the brine, the pond, the drink. large body of water; large mass (noun)
deep, main, lake, ocean, brine.
ocean (noun)
brine, brink, main, deep.
sea (noun)
oceanic, seagoing, overseas, shipboard, deep-sea, subocean, oceangoing, seafaring, suboceanic, offshore, oversea.
water (noun)
deluge, lake, irrigation, moisture, immersion, dilution, ocean, aqua, bath, water, rain, dew, wetness, sprinkle.

Other synonyms:

the deep, the briny. the Caribbean. Other relevant words:
breaker, Barents, baltic, red, deep-sea, dead, crest, seagoing, black, celebes, norwegian, irish, the brine, ionian, overseas, offshore, Tyrrhenian, suboceanic, subocean, white, philippine, shipboard, oversea, java, aegean, seafaring, caspian, japan, cap, billow, oceangoing, tasman, the deep, arabian, timor, yellow, mediterranean, Sulu, Azov, backwash, Okhotsk, coral, caribbean, north, adriatic.

Usage examples for sea

  1. He liked the sea and the fishing, and he loved the simple people among whom he had been brought up. – Hyacinth 1906 by George A. Birmingham
  2. You'll see life and you'll see the sea and then you'll come home and forget all about us. – Jim Davis by John Masefield
  3. Yes, as long as I wasn't too sea sick to talk about anything. – The Gadfly by E. L. Voynich