Synonyms for Flock:


anglican, acolyte, benedictine, amish, beadle, baptist, calvinism, christendom, Bible-thumper, benefice. array, age group, gathering, throng, busload, constellation. big, pad, press, backing, crush, stuffing, ruck, lining, kapok, filling, horde. cloud, brace, gaggle, legion, score, community. collect, muster, tighten, assemble, congregate, flash mob, meet with, meet, get together, convene, gather. congregation (noun)
cloud, host, assembly, flight, drove, army, company, litter, crush, gaggle, herd, crowd, bevy, colony, pack, legion, gathering, throng, mass, collection, group.
crew (noun)
clique, cadre, society, host, body, cell, force, squad, fleet, brigade, group, retinue, fraternity, hive, circle, party, army, bevy, club, junta, gang, posse, assembly, tribe, pack, platoon, sect, ring, detail, drove, phalanx, crowd, band, caucus, set, complement, battalion, league, regiment, company, detachment, covey, herd, division, coterie, team, troupe, coalition, staff, fellowship, mob, crew, union, school, troop, bunch, aggregation, nest, collection, string, faction, assemblage, colony, wing, outfit, cabal, clan, litter.
flock (noun)
batch, good deal, plenty, deal, spate, constellate, raft, hatful, whole slew, mickle, pile, mess, sight, whole lot, cluster, slew, mass, clump, stack, heap, lot, troop, great deal, mint, muckle, wad, quite a little, tidy sum, peck.
group (noun)
herd (noun)
laity (noun)
communicant, brethren, layman, churchman, fold, congregation, sisters, churchwoman, laywoman, parishioner.


congregate (verb)
collect, troop, gather.

Other synonyms:

congregate, kapok, filling, gaggle, ruck. backing, horde, lining, stuffing, meet with, collect, throng. legion, flash mob. community. brace, press, cloud, flight, score. get together. gather, pad. assembly
Other relevant words:
assemble, mint, crush, meet, cloud, muckle, hatful, gaggle, pile, convene, mickle, constellate, good deal, lot, wad, cluster, plenty, horde, deal, gathering, peck, quite a little, score, legion, heap, mess, get together, whole slew, congregate, muster, mass, batch, whole lot, press, great deal, array, raft, gather, sight, pad, brace, clump, throng, slew, lining, spate, ruck, flight, tidy sum, big, stack, collect.

Usage examples for flock

  1. The shepherd might go; he would not carry his flock with him. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. Perhaps Mr. Windibrook was more popular on account of his admiring enthusiasm of the prosperous money- getting members of his flock and a singular sympathy with their methods, and Mr. Trixit's daring speculations were an especially delightful theme to him. – From Sand Hill to Pine by Bret Harte