Synonyms for Cell:


button bar, checkbox, active window, blank, avatar, box, compartment, bar, button, cavity, blip, receptacle, container. embryo, egg, 3G, card, microorganism, organism, bleeper, germ, 4G, spore, protoplast, cameraphone, calling card, beeper, answering machine. burrow, cloister, choir, hold, den, holy of holies, apse, alcove, recess, crypt, number, niche, choir loft, loft, nook, chapel, closet, choir stalls, chancel, retreat, vault, crib. part, organization, substructure, bit, section, segment, block, unit, portion, subdivision, piece. photovoltaic cell, recharger, battery pack, power plant, solar cell, battery, dry battery, photoelectric cell, capacitor. detention center, camp, boot camp, correctional facility, death camp, concentration camp. the in-crowd, clutch, cluster, Focus Group, elite, crop. cytology, culture, culture medium, cell wall, cell membrane, chloroplast, cellular. jam, ghosting, pick up, radar, GPS, directional, get, interference, footprint. cell (noun)
cadre, jail cell, cubicle, electric cell, prison cell.
crew (noun)
caucus, coalition, company, drove, school, pack, detail, colony, set, clique, faction, troop, squad, host, battalion, assembly, group, ring, gang, complement, cadre, flock, union, hive, circle, tribe, fraternity, assemblage, clan, sect, posse, fleet, herd, club, mob, band, troupe, collection, litter, society, junta, phalanx, outfit, staff, brigade, aggregation, regiment, crew, cabal, string, bevy, party, detachment, nest, division, platoon, force, fellowship, coterie, crowd, army, wing, bunch, retinue, covey, body, team, league.
enclosure (noun)
barrier, envelopment, confinement, enclosure, trap.
prison (noun)
jail, irons, harness, reform school, penitentiary, dungeon, prison, stronghold, cage, collar, lockup, shackle, San Quentin, reformatory, oubliette, pillory, tether, Alcatraz, bastille, coop, pound, keep, fence, manacle, straight jacket, bridle, gaol, brig, jug, pinion, jailhouse, vise, cooler, stockade, pen, handcuff, penal colony, confine.
room (noun)
chamber, room, cubicle.
seed (noun)
smallest living organism (noun)
unit, embryo, egg, spore, microorganism, germ.
small room, container (noun)
cloister, crypt, alcove, nook, crib, retreat, cavity, bastille, closet, recess, den, vault, burrow, receptacle, cubicle, dungeon, chamber, hold, compartment, keep, coop, lockup, cage, pen.

Other synonyms:

crypt, battery pack, GPS, capacitor, death camp, dry battery, chloroplast, cell membrane, culture medium, radar, power plant, cytology, concentration camp, solar cell, bleeper, recharger, ghosting, photovoltaic cell, beeper, the in-crowd, chancel, apse, answering machine, avatar, active window, blip, Focus Group, checkbox, choir stalls, choir loft, cell wall, correctional facility, box, detention center, button bar, cameraphone. directional, retreat, photoelectric cell, holy of holies, interference, bar, boot camp, choir, blank. vault, loft, recess, calling card, button, elite, chapel. battery, cellular, culture, cluster. footprint, clutch. crop. card. jam. pick up. get. section
Other relevant words:
crop, compartment, alcove, avatar, cameraphone, cavity, unit, beeper, 3G, checkbox, crypt, cytology, substructure, container, embryo, organization, concentration camp, chloroplast, closet, blank, card, get, number, crib, radar, chancel, organism, egg, button, jail cell, niche, section, box, jam, culture, germ, bleeper, recess, portion, segment, directional, ghosting, capacitor, protoplast, bit, photovoltaic cell, electric cell, den, footprint, camp, GPS, interference, apse, choir, part, blip, battery, burrow, bar, recharger, microorganism, hold, cellular, clutch, subdivision, chapel, spore, elite, cloister, nook, piece, vault, block, prison cell, cluster, holy of holies, receptacle, loft, 4G, retreat.