Synonyms for Host:


much, a load of/loads of something, pile, quite a few, a lot/lots, mistress, entertainer, master, quantity, hostess, all manner of something, a good/great deal of something, abundance. Edi, connect up, Extranet, client-server, database server, proprietor, ethernet, owner, account name, manager, end system, colocation, command. disaster area, cradle, aerie, destination, gathering, cattle auction, dust trap, anchorage, dumping ground, dodge city, center of excellence. chalice, collar, biretta, crucifix, dog collar, altar, animal, Easter Egg, organism, collection plate, cross, cassock. communion, sacrament, correspondent, eucharist, wafer, commentator, anchorman, broadcaster, dj, announcer, anchorwoman, grip, anchor. edit out, front, cloud, score, bleep out, big, bring in, hand back, go on (the) TV/radio, get on, ruck, edit. prepare, set up, orchestrate, stage, convene, choreograph, organize, hold, plan, arrange. have in, entertain, I'll hold you to that, have round, have, have over, catering, disinvite, ask. hook up, chat, facebook, dial-up, download, maintain, browse, flame, bookmark. amount (noun)
crew (noun)
crowd, coterie, coalition, cell, junta, troop, clique, herd, fellowship, outfit, detail, bevy, nest, assemblage, colony, team, society, posse, flock, brigade, complement, phalanx, litter, drove, bunch, tribe, wing, sect, hive, cabal, body, pack, school, crew, retinue, collection, circle, party, set, caucus, fraternity, band, division, club, aggregation, string, platoon, cadre, ring, covey, league, army, company, force, fleet, squad, battalion, group, union, gang, troupe, mob, clan, faction, assembly, regiment, staff, detachment.
host (noun)
innkeeper, emcee, master of ceremonies, server, legion, horde.
hostess (noun)
hotelier (noun)
large group (noun)
flock, crowd, army, drove, horde, legion, throng, cloud, score, gathering, multitude.
master of ceremonies (noun)
people (noun)
bourgeoisie, people, rabble, peasantry, legion, masses, multitude, countryman, public, throng, horde, mass, commoner, populace, bourgeois, countrywoman, great unwashed, proletariat.
person who entertains, performs (noun)
proprietor, owner, innkeeper, anchor, manager, emcee, entertainer.


socialize (verb)
meet, converse, hob-nob, talk, gather, socialize, befriend, join, attend.

Other synonyms:

Cryptosporidium, facebook, partygoer, party animal, invitee, hostess, socialite, man-about-town, guest of honor, announcer. entertain, browse, ruck, dial-up, hookworm, chat. bookmark, hook up, download. maintain. score, cloud. biscuit

Usage examples for host

  1. Doris turned at once to her host – The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories by Ethel M. Dell
  2. She could not, however, forgive " Mrs. May" for having come into the party, and for being liked by the host better than she was liked. – The Port of Adventure by Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson
  3. For some time past the host had met with nothing but trouble. – Louise de la Valliere by Alexandre Dumas, Pere