Synonyms for Inundate:


circulate, dispatch, get, get off, send, send out, ship, copy to, fire off. brush, dowse, flush, full, mist, overflow, whelm. inundate (noun)
deluge, flood, submerge, swamp.


change (verb)
deluge, submerge.
drown, overwhelm (verb)
deluge, dunk, engulf, flood, glut, immerse, overflow, overrun, submerge, swamp, whelm.
exceed (verb)
deluge, exceed, glut, overdose, overindulge, overkill, overrun.
exceeded (verb)
deluge, engulf, exceed, glut, overdose, overindulge, overkill, overrun.
flood (verb)
drench, imbue, rinse, saturate, shower, slosh, sluice, soak, swamp.
immerse (verb)
bathe, dip, douse, drown, dunk, engulf, flood, immerse, plunge, sink, submerge, wallow.

Other synonyms:

dowse, whelm. overflow. mist. flush. brush. overflow
Other relevant words:
deluge, dowse, flush, mist, overflow, whelm.

Usage examples for inundate

  1. A similar opportunity for collecting is offered near the seashore if unusually high tides inundate the low marshes along the bayous and inlets. – Directions for Collecting and Preserving Insects by C. V. Riley
  2. Minna, senior, stared in surprise, and her attention being diverted, Minna the younger seized the opportunity to inundate herself with a cup of hot coffee. – A Breath of Prairie and other stories by Will Lillibridge
  3. " I don't understand," she repeated, yet we both felt that we were standing in the presence of dammed- up emotions which might at any moment break over and inundate us. – The Portal of Dreams by Charles Neville Buck