Synonyms for Mob:


array, riot, swarm, age group, gathering, press, busload, constellation. big, engulf, kettle, hem in, surround, ruck, encircle, contain, envelop, enclose. common, over, commonalty, plebeian, commonality, pleb, third estate, brace, hoi polloi, flight, community. gaggle, lot, cloud, rogues' gallery, score. proletarian, the working class, the lowest of the low, prole, lower class, the proletariat, the rabble, underclass. affiliation (noun)
coalition, syndicate, outfit, bunch, league, union.
army (noun)
cloud, division, array, regiment, legion.
body (noun)
group, party.
bunch (noun)
covey, team, pile, bevy.
circle (noun)
assembly, school.
clan (noun)
faction, sect.
commonalty (noun)
pleb, ruck.
group (noun)
rabble, rout.
mob (noun)
drove, pack, syndicate, disorderly, collection, commonality, herd, swarm, masses, crowd, clan, multitude, moblike, riot, gang, coterie, host, troop, clique, proletariat, mass, rout, jam, body, lot, gathering, populace, circle, company, ring, flock, posse, rabble, horde, throng, assemblage, set, crew, press, pile, mobbish, cabal.
organized crime (noun)
gangland, mafioso, the Cosa Nostra, goodfella, the mob, the Mafia, godfather, gangster, mobster, made.
people (noun)
countryman, masses, multitude, rabble, populace, peasantry, throng, commoner, bourgeoisie, bourgeois, horde, countrywoman, legion, proletariat, mass, people, great unwashed, public.
pleb (noun)
social organization (noun)

Other synonyms:

commonalty, ruck, pleb, commonality, hoi polloi, third estate. gaggle, rogues' gallery. lot. score, press, cloud. assembly

Usage examples for mob

  1. The mob again entered the room. – An Explorer's Adventures in Tibet by A. Henry Savage Landor
  2. A mob of women and children is starting for the palace to ask me what I have done with their husbands, brothers, sons, and fathers. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer