Synonyms for Crew:


bombardier, organization, foot soldier, green beret, airwoman, cannon fodder, airman, commando, gi, grenadier. clinic, committee, class, unit, board, corps, consortium. captain, crewman, cap'n, bosun, buccaneer, boatman, docker, boatswain. gaggle, rogues' gallery. crew (noun)
collection, fellowship, club, body, set, force, assemblage, complement, society, circle, gang, group, cell, aggregation, mob, squad, string, faction, litter, platoon, crowd, school, bevy, colony, junta, work party, retinue, division, clan, staff, flock, pack, troop, drove, bunch, nest, host, tribe, cadre, phalanx, army, regiment, brigade, fraternity, band, troupe, team, coalition, covey, detachment, party, posse, sect, assembly, hive, cabal, company, clique, caucus, coterie, league, herd, detail, fleet, union, wing, outfit, ring, battalion.
expedition (noun)
group working together (noun)
complement, herd, bunch, corps, pack, sect, gang, aggregation, faction, squad, set, bevy, posse, crowd, collection, troupe, covey, company, organization, assemblage, band, retinue, mob, team, party, troop.
rowing (noun)
oarswoman, regatta, rower, four, oarsman, cox, row, coxswain.
school of thought (noun)
social organization (noun)

Other synonyms:

bosun, buccaneer, bombardier, cannon fodder, docker, airman, cap'n, boatman, grenadier, green beret, crewman, airwoman, commando, foot soldier. gi, rogues' gallery, gaggle. organization, unit. captain. rowing
oarswoman, regatta, rower, four, oarsman, cox, row, coxswain.
Other relevant words:
captain, commando, board, crewman, buccaneer, organization, airman, work party, clinic, gaggle, committee, corps, consortium, four, regatta, coxswain, bombardier, unit, gi, airwoman, class, boatman, oarsman, boatswain, oarswoman, row, cox, docker, bosun, grenadier, rower.

Usage examples for crew

  1. About a week after Mantelish and his U- League crew first arrived here, you did pass out on one occasion while we were on the Harvest Moon with them. – Legacy by James H Schmitz
  2. Only the crew are allowed in the car. – A Hero of Liége by Herbert Strang
  3. Hunt up some of that crew all the same, and I'm yours forever. – The Jolliest School of All by Angela Brazil