Synonyms for Combine:


consolidate, Demerge, couple, amalgamation, contract out, demerger, buy out, BROS. bind, crop circle, ally, cash crop, associate, arable, crop, crop rotation, cultivated, corn, relate, affiliate, cultivate. gang up, collect, go with, league, match-up, complement, hang together, piece together, band. picker, harvester, planter, plow, reaper, milking machine, plough, combine harvester, cultivator. combine (noun)
merge, pool, trust, flux, aggregate, cartel, fuse, unite, conflate, immix, coalesce, meld, corporate trust, commingle, combining, blend, compound.


change (verb)
co-act (verb)
cooperate, concur, unite, co-act, coincide, synchronize.
combine (verb)
compose, amalgamate, mix, assemble, fuse, infuse, blend, compound, conglomerate, concoct, brew, incorporate.
compose (verb)
embody, constitute, embrace, form, include, construct, fabricate, invent, compile.
connect, integrate (verb)
compound, fuse, coalesce, relate, associate, mix, pool, mingle, conjoin, wed, league, incorporate, unite, commingle, cooperate, couple, marry, blend, band, amalgamate, bind, merge.
contact (verb)
mix (verb)
mash, meld, mingle, decoct, stew, merge, intermix.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

contract out, crop circle, mix up, conjoin, combine harvester, demerger, arable, milking machine, consolidate, conjugate, Demerge, buy out, cultivator, crop rotation, stir in, cash crop, harvester, amalgamation, BROS, cultivated, hang together. cultivate, associate, plow. go with, corn, wed, match-up, ally, planter. couple, marry, affiliate, crop. relate, bind, yoke. complement. commix

Usage examples for combine

  1. When the mountain streams are frozen and the Nor'land winds are out; when the winter winds are drifting the bitter sleet and snow; when winter rains are making out- of- door life unendurable; when season, weather and law combine to make it " close time" for beast, bird and man, it is well that a few congenial spirits should, at some favorite trysting place, gather around the glowing stove and exchange yarns, opinions and experiences. – Woodcraft by George W. Sears
  2. But now they were to look into the future; they were all facing ruin if they did not combine in a common cause. – The Coming of the Law by Charles Alden Seltzer
  3. The right of the labourer to combine with his brother labourers to make his own terms for his labour, was the great lesson he taught. – Ralph the Heir by Anthony Trollope