Synonyms for Package:


bottle, application, batch, packing, backup utility, roll, alpha version, bale, bag, load, crate, sack, autoresponder, authoring software, automatic recovery program, container, application software, address book, burden, pack, kit, beta version, accounting package, case, can, bunch, carton, wrapping. minimum wage, put on, salary, living, earnings, wage, starvation wages, rise, pay, do up, performance-related pay, income, wrap. auction, move, push, carry, stock, launch, sell, peddle, retail, hawk. basis, mode, system, manner, way, method, technique, procedure, tactic, means. center, bury, embed, entomb, cram, bed. benefaction, present, surprise, freebie, red packet, largesse, care package, settlement, valentine, gift. bubble wrap, matchbox, Bottled, cover, matchbook, boxed, blister pack, jacket. embroider, perk up, spice up, enliven, bring something to life, liven up, wake up, sparkle, vary, ignite. package (noun)
packet, box, parcel, bundle, software system, software, software package.
receptacle (noun)

Other synonyms:

can, burden, carton, pack. do up, wrap. bundle
bale, bundle.

Usage examples for package

  1. See that package over yonder? – Six Plays by Florence Henrietta Darwin
  2. She went hastily into the anteroom, pressed her hand in behind the bench beneath the window, took out the package which Lepitre had placed there, and with a timid, anxious look, stepped back into her room. – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official