Synonyms for Coalesced:


coalesced (noun)
amalgamated, amalgamate, united, consolidated, fused.

Other synonyms:

amalgamate, amalgamated, consolidated, fused.

Usage examples for coalesced

  1. Again, in the republic best known to England, the Argentine Confederation, the multifarious and cosmopolitan mixture of immigration from all the Mediterranean lands has hardly yet coalesced to form a definite national type. – South America and the War by F. A. Kirkpatrick
  2. The culture of Babylonia and Egypt met there and coalesced – Early Israel and the Surrounding Nations by Archibald Sayce
  3. The wedge coalesced drew out again, and dropped swiftly, and the air was filled with the rush of wings; then there was a harsh crying and splashing, and she heard the troubled water lap among the reeds until deep silence closed in upon the slough again. – Masters of the Wheat-Lands by Harold Bindloss