Synonyms for Leg:


gossamer, proboscis, mandible, member, bender, compound eye, abdomen, Underpinning, feelers, segment, stem, shank, pincer, antenna, part. column, drop back, come, come in, brace, clock, ahead, false start, the blocks, post, support, stake, dead heat, baton, dash. armpit, ball, appendage, arch, be aggressive, big toe, declare, take a stand, clubfoot, ankle, calf. bodice, armhole, collar, buttonhole, care label, coattails, breast pocket, bib. beefsteak, chuck steak, corn dog, chuck, cutlet, brisket, chump, cut, chop. caster, shelf, top, foot, runner, castor, head, leaf, drawer. jumping-off point, change, drop off, port of call, the home stretch, layover, landfall, departure. division, Gaelic football, the FA Cup, footballer, flag football, football, FIFA, Australian Rules football, football player. appendage used for support (noun)
part, segment, shank, member, stage, support, column, brace, post, stake.
leg (noun)
fork, branch, pegleg, peg, wooden leg, stage, ramification.
shaft (noun)

Other synonyms:

football player, gossamer, caster, proboscis, mandible, port of call, layover, pincer, shank, the FA Cup, Gaelic football, castor, segment, FIFA, footballer, feelers, flag football, antenna, compound eye, drawer. jumping-off point, abdomen, drop off, member, the home stretch, shelf, landfall, football. appendage, departure. leaf. foot, division, runner. change, top. head. Other relevant words:
division, change, appendage, stake, leaf, brace, stem, part, feelers, castor, calf, runner, foot, support, pincer, top, gossamer, segment, footballer, shank, column, member, post, proboscis, ankle.

Usage examples for leg

  1. " No leg to- night, no Zahn to- morrow," he said to his nurse. – Sketches of the East Africa Campaign by Robert Valentine Dolbey
  2. Who's a- goin' to set thet leg – Lost Farm Camp by Harry Herbert Knibbs