Synonyms for Meeting:


convergent (adjective)
convergent, Concentrating, focal, approaching, merging.
converging (adjective)


baptise, the Book of Common Prayer, call down, baptism, baptize, assemblage, celebrate, amen, benediction, anthem, catechism, rally. backgrounder, reunion, meet and greet, connect, date, salon, tryst, rendezvous. championship, convocation, collect, crown, troop, contest, crowd, card, bye, the Commonwealth Games, cup, challenge, company, muster, group, close season, conclave. chairman, contingent, deputation, discussion group, chairperson, delegate, chairwoman, convener, assemble, chair. coming together (noun)
competition (noun)
conflict (noun)
connection (noun)
contact (noun)
border, contact, junction, connection, butt, abutment.
convergence (noun)
convergence, focus, concentration.
conversation (noun)
debate, argument, consultation, interview, talk, confabulation, seminar, conversation, discussion, confrontation, parley, dialog, conference, chat.
council (noun)
chamber, coalition, quorum, cabinet, assembly, council, legislature, caucus, forum, parliament, tribunal, cadre, congress, court, summit, inquisition, congregation, convention, symposium, faction, committee, board, panel, body, league.
gathering, conference (noun)
confrontation, assemblage, company, parley, rendezvous, talk, convention, date, convocation, tryst, congress, contest, encounter, reunion, audience, conclave, congregation, assembly, rally.
hearing (noun)
junction (noun)
annexation, relationship, attachment, amalgamation, juncture, alliance, bond, jointure, conjunction, coupling, merger, juxtaposition, consolidation, branch, marriage, adherence, synergy, connectedness, splice, affixation, wedding, adjacency, affiliation.
meeting (noun)
confluence, junction, merging, get together, encounter, coming together.


congregating (verb)
collecting, gathering, Mustering, convening, congregating, assembling.
contacting (verb)
bordering, adjoining, connecting, abutting, contacting, touching, joining, Butting, reaching out.
converging (verb)
uniting, Intercepting, focusing.
conversing (verb)
talking, confronting, Chatting, arguing, Consulting, Discussing, Debating, Parleying, Conversing.
equaling (verb)
Equalizing, Equaling, balancing, matching.
meeting (verb)
welcoming, bumping into, running into, Receiving, Encountering, greeting.
socializing (verb)
socializing, hob-nobbing, Befriending, attending, Hosting.

Other synonyms:

convener, meet and greet, deputation, backgrounder, reunion. appointment, contingent, discussion group, chairman, chairperson, reception, troop, chairwoman. delegate. date, salon. chair, company. assignation

Usage examples for meeting

  1. Let's go together, you and I." A man got up in a meeting to speak. – Quiet Talks on Service by S. D. Gordon
  2. Think of meeting up with them two all alone and not knowing what they was! – The Rangeland Avenger by Max Brand
  3. We're to have an early dinner, 'cause Jim has to go off to some meeting or other, and I thought you wouldn't mind. – Patty Blossom by Carolyn Wells