Synonyms for Feed:


ensilage, timothy, peanuts, grass, rye, alfalfa, sorghum, pasturage, fish meal, bran, Oats, Beets, house, roughage, sweet clover, pasture, hay, kale, mash, ply with, vetch, serve, bone meal, straw, tankage, kaffir corn, Soybeans, oil meal, molasses, lay on, silage, barley, millet, corn, wheat, cowpeas, maize, Alsike, clover, support, small grain, bean meal, food for animals, accommodate, pulse, take in. compost, cross-fertilize, aerate, deadhead, cross-pollinate, drill, bed out, live, bonsai, subsist. equip, foster, arrange, offer, help, promote, come up with, resource, encourage, satisfy. color, grip, catch, skew, pack a punch, decide, influence, lead to, stir. Groceries, dish, cooking. bearing, belt, ancillary, button, bucket, cam, chamber, camshaft, ball bearing, carriage. breastfeed, burp, baby talk, colic, change, cot death, baby milk, crib death, bond, bottle-feed. bottle, box, bag, center, bury, cram, entomb, crate, bed, embed. cud, fishmeal, dog biscuit, birdseed, feedbag. feed off, browse, root, prey on, graze, ruminate, feed on. fertiliser, desertification, fertility, fertile, fertilization. feed (noun)
provender, feast, fertilize, prey, fertilise, give, feed in.
food (noun)
corn, hay, food, silage, straw, pasturage, grass, grub, provender, barley, meal.
meal (noun)
breakfast, board, ingestion, drink, eating, cuisine, meal, picnic, snack, food, foodstuff, barbecue, banquet, bread, taste, repast, lunch, fare, dinner, nutriment, spread, sustenance, feast, grub, consumption, meat, morsel.
provender (noun)


consumption (verb)
eat (verb)
consume, eat, gulp, ingest, dine, devour, sup, bite.
feed (verb)
nourish, nurture, fatten, sustain, cater to, nurse, suckle, breast-feed, wine and dine.
give nourishment; augment (verb)
foster, banquet, cram, cater, satisfy, nurture, provide, nourish, give, sustain, dispense, wine and dine, feast, dine, nurse, supply, support, fatten, deliver, encourage.
mix (verb)
supply (verb)
contribute, donate, supply, sell, grant, provide, dispense, cater, deploy, reload, endow, reinforce, replenish, deliver, clothe.

Other synonyms:

birdseed, cud, accommodate, dog biscuit, bonsai, millet, alfalfa, feedbag, desertification, bed out, silage, fishmeal, prey on, cross-pollinate, lay on, house, bone meal, feed on. deadhead, drill, aerate, graze, fertilization, ruminate, feed off, serve, compost, take in. subsist. promote, foster, browse. support. live, encourage. root. cereal
lunch, eating.
provender, hay.
cater to.

Usage examples for feed

  1. If not, feed them. – Soil Culture by J. H. Walden
  2. Animals are given to help man, and to feed him. – Umboo, the Elephant by Howard R. Garis
  3. Why didn't you feed him? – The Goody-Naughty Book by Sarah Cory Rippey