Synonyms for Die:


hang, box end wrench, bradawl, kick off, burn out, fall asleep, kick in, keel over, Allen Wrench, blowlamp, applicator, bite the dust, rest in peace, go up, thrive, bellows, awl, go off, blowtorch, drown, check out, adjustable wrench. extinguish, cut out, go down, evaporate, disappear, dissolve, vanish, shut off, recede. demise, dying, unlit, burn down, drop, out. fade away. remit, fall off, bate, lose your life, lay down your life, slack off, abate, starve, moderate, slacken, let up, ease, breathe your last (breath). fade out. die (noun)
decease, pall, perish, exit, dice, pass away, become flat, die out, expire, pass, go.
die away (noun)
die down (noun)
subside, stop.
die out (noun)
vanish, disappear.
perforator (noun)
spear, lance, needle, stick, penetrator, punch, spur, spike, auger, drill, bit, tip, Perforator, skewer, thorn, bore, blade, puncture, gouge, poker, point, arrow.
perforators (noun)
spurs, lances, arrows, Punctures, Spears, bits, spikes, points, penetrators, augers, spits, bores, gouges, thorns, sticks, skewers, tips, Needles, pokers, Drills, punches, blades, perforators.


die (verb)
fall, pass, succumb, depart, part, perish.
end (verb)
decease, culminate, conclude, close, complete, halt, finish, pass away, cease, pass on, finalize, cap, terminate, end, expire, exit, stop, checkmate, wrap up, accomplish.
pass away; stop living (verb)
drown, finish, perish, drop, rest in peace, demise, expire, succumb, decease, depart.
wither, dwindle (verb)
fade out, fade away, molder, disappear, stop, pass, decay, droop, fall, bate, end, wane, recede, rankle, vanish, let up, retrograde, halt, wear away, ebb, abate, slacken, subside, deteriorate, moderate, rot, diminish.

Other synonyms:

fruit machine, thrive, unlit, fade out, bite the dust, craps, starve, vanish, casino, fade away. burn down, dying, wane, bingo, drown, evaporate. slacken, dissolve. abate, ebb, remit. burn out. hang. double. out. cease
die down.
pass away.
fade away, die out, vanish, recede.

Usage examples for die

  1. He is not going to die – Stingaree by E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung
  2. I don't wonder you feel afraid to die – The Man with a Shadow by George Manville Fenn
  3. This way he will never die – Martyr by Alan Edward Nourse