Synonyms for Hammer:


blowlamp, applicator, blowtorch, bit, adjustable wrench, bellows, Allen Wrench, bradawl, box end wrench. knock out, belabor, win, pummel, buffet, defeat, baste, thrash, drub, crush, smash, overpower, clobber, beat, lambaste, overcome, thresh. the broad jump, caber, decathlon, athlete, athletics, athletic, event, cross country, repetition, distance, discus. tear someone/something to pieces/shreds, harangue, censure, take/bring/hold someone to task, tell off, tear apart. deaf-and-dumb, aural, deaf-mute, deaf, auditory, cochlea, auditory nerve, ear, deafen. gauge, caliber, bore, chamber, butt, bayonet, barrel, calibre. rain, drizzle, snow, pour, beat down, hail, come down, the heavens opened, lash down. fur up, hemorrhage, flutter, lurch, haemorrhage, clot, bleed, jump. key, drumstick, catgut, head, damper, bridge, bow, fret. chase, chip away, cut, card, crimp, chop, flail. hammer (noun)
hammer throw, hammering, pounding, forge, pound, malleus, power hammer.
maul (noun)
rawhide-laced, gavel, ram, Canterbury claw, pneumatic, spalling, double, cross-peen, flatter, nailer, stone, riveting, raising, slug, sealing, Prospecting, Tilt hammer, mace, jackhammer, peen, blocking, sledge, Nasmyth, rammer, veneering, triphammer, club, Exeter, ball-peen, dental, set, knocker, welding, die.
tool (noun)
spoke shave, back saw, grindstone, lathe, scroll saw, scythe, pipe wrench, vise, table saw, file, trowel, buzz saw, arc welder, wrecking bar, spade, ripsaw, gouge, keyhole saw, edger, hatchet, hacksaw, square, calipers, level, auger, shovel, shears, awl, welder, handsaw, band saw, circular saw, chain saw, Drill press, stapler, screwdriver, snips, punch, miter box, claw hammer, tire iron, emery wheel, wrench, knife, posthole auger, sickle, pick, sledgehammer, hedge trimmer, jackknife, axe, lug wrench, pickax, spanner, pliers, scissors, tin snips, plane, jigsaw, Bow-saw, grapnel, tool, crosscut saw, drill, jointer, mallet, chisel, ball-peen hammer, wedge, saw, coping saw, bench drill, monkey wrench, machete, hoe, cold chisel, crowbar, planer, radial arm saw.


attack (verb)
fight, lunge, bombard, harry, barrage, charge, pound, trounce, lash, scarify, attack, flay, batter, thrust, scathe, assail, assault, violate, savage, riot, raid, combat, scorch, strike, storm, slash, invade.
beat, hit (verb)
defeat, forge, batter, thrash, pummel, clobber, strike, drub, trounce, pound.

Other synonyms:

ram, catgut, calibre, ear, damper, clobber. HIT, bellows, fret, bore, beat, lurch, caliber, pummel, drub, belabor, drumstick, bayonet, clot, lambaste. hemorrhage, buffet, bleed, club. thresh, gauge, bow, thrash, baste. smash, barrel, chamber. key, flutter. bridge. jump. head. mallet

Usage examples for hammer

  1. Flamby achieved composure, and hammer in hand she went to admit her visitors. – The Orchard of Tears by Sax Rohmer
  2. The impossible test in the matter of self- command is when a man hits his thumb with a hammer – This Freedom by A. S. M. Hutchinson
  3. Meanwhile I have discovered a way to make the Sanscrit scholar heed my creature who plays the piano with a hammer – Last Words by Stephen Crane