Synonyms for Claims:


acquisitions (noun)
annexations, collections, Gains, acquisitions, appropriations, procurements, assumptions, additions, accumulations.
pretensions (noun)
Frauds, pretensions, charades, counterfeits, impersonations, guises, fronts, disguises, mannerisms, shows, masquerades, gimmicks, covers, deceits, imitations, devices, pretenses, facades, stages, affectations, bluffs, impostures, poses, Forgeries, airs.
pretexts (noun)
pretexts, reasons, smoke screens, alibis, pleas, red herrings, rationales, affirmations, stratagems, justifications, white lies, loop-holes, excuses.


acquires (verb)
obtains, procures, secures, incurs, harvests, lures, captures, garners, acquires, pockets, fetches, scores, adds, wrangles, takes, receives, palms, annexes, corners, bags, gets, catches, nets, purchases, assumes, heaps, wins, amasses, accumulates, reaps, buys, collects, lands, retrieves.
affirms (verb)
affirms, avers, approves, states, attests, submits, sustains, sets down, promises, certifies, ratifies, supports, expresses, warrants, endorses, contends, corroborates, adjures, propounds, asserts, admits, maintains, testifies, validates, declares, accepts, pledges, acknowledges, professes, avouches, pronounces, assures, proclaims, verifies.
petitions (verb)
petitions, hopes, competes, bids, seeks, aspires, applies.
possesses (verb)
holds, owns, Has, possesses, monopolizes.
pretends (verb)
defrauds, deceives, Affects, falsifies, imitates, pretends, impersonates, forges, fakes.

Usage examples for claims

  1. When Mrs. Peniston saw the deed, and was told of the search my aunt was making for letters to support our claims she was too excited not to let out enough to disturb Darthea, and this although my aunt told Mrs. Peniston of my dislike of the whole matter, and how it was never to be mentioned or known to any until more evidence came to light. – Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell
  2. There was no one to dispute the Earl's claims – Project Gutenberg History of The Netherlands, 1555-1623, Complete by John Lothrop Motley
  3. She shuddered whenever she recalled her first and only ride on one of the wicked little beasts,- that wild New Years Even when she and Tabitha had tried to keep Mr. McKittrick's claims from being jumped,- and she drew an audible sigh of relief at Tabitha's decision. – Tabitha's Vacation by Ruth Alberta Brown