Synonyms for Drown:


bump off, take someone's life, overflow. dowse, die, mist, brush, go under. pass away, full, starve, breathe your last (breath), lose your life, flush, expire, perish, lay down your life. dull, quieten, deaden, muffle, quiet, block out, mute, cut out. drown (noun)
submerge, overwhelm.


contact (verb)
submerge, overwhelm.
flood (verb)
drench, soak, deluge, sluice, rinse, slosh, swamp, saturate, imbue, shower.
immerse (verb)
flood, immerse, douse, submerge, bathe, dip, plunge, engulf, sink, wallow, inundate, dunk.
kill (verb)
hang, suffocate, dispatch, eliminate, smother, massacre, remove, chill, purge, do in, liquidate, snuff, assassinate, strangle, asphyxiate, butcher, smite, exterminate, ice, slay, do away with, put to sleep, slaughter, execute, sacrifice.
submerge in liquid; submerge and die (verb)
go under, suffocate, overflow, flood, drench, soak, engulf, immerse, inundate, overwhelm, plunge, douse, deluge, asphyxiate, swamp, sink, dip.

Other synonyms:

dowse, die, quieten, pass away. expire, deaden, starve, muffle. perish. overflow. mist. quiet, mute. flush. dull. brush. flood
Other relevant words:
flush, overflow, expire, deaden, mute, muffle, dowse, dull, die, overwhelm, go under, perish, mist, starve.

Usage examples for drown

  1. An' so you been tryin' to drown yourself too, have you? – Left End Edwards by Ralph Henry Barbour
  2. She'll like enough get desperate- drown herself the first thing I know. – Uncle William The Man Who Was Shif'less by Jennette Lee
  3. Would the father drown the mother? – Foes by Mary Johnston